Susan Patton '77 wrote a new column advising women to invest most of their efforts in finding a husband rather than establishing a career. Titled "A Little Valentine's Day Straight Talk," the piece appeared in The Wall Street Journal on Feb. 13 and is linked to Patton's upcoming book, which will be released in March.

The article echoes elements of Patton's Letter to the Editor called "Advice for the Young Women of Princeton: The daughters I never had" published by The Daily Princetonian last March. Her letter, which received widespread media attention, instructed women to find a husband on campus before graduating.

However, Patton's latest column marks a change in her position. It acknowledges that female undergraduates may not be ready for marriage and instead encourages them to maintain contact with the men they meet in college. "They'll probably do very well for themselves, and their desirability will only increase after graduation," she writes.

Patton's book "Marry Smart: Advice for Finding the One" will be published next month.

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