Just a few weeks after Princeton students received their first dose of the Bexsero vaccine against meningitis strain B, the University of California, Santa Barbara is making arrangements for a much larger campaign to immunize its campus.

As its application for the imported vaccine is pending, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention officials are preparing for a campaign that will provide the vaccine to over 20,000 students,NBC News reported.

Because Bexsero is not yet licensed for use in the United States, UCSB is following Princeton’s lead in obtaining the vaccine through an Investigational New Drug application filed with the Food and Drug Administration. Pending the processing of their application, the Southern California campus could receive the vaccine within the next few weeks,according to NBC News.

By the end of the University’s one-week vaccination campaign last month,5,268 studentshad received the first dose of Bexsero. Heeding the recommendation of the CDC, which coordinated the importation of the vaccine, the University offered the vaccine to all undergraduates and graduate students who live in dormitories.

Among eligible students, 91 percent received the first dose.The second dose will be made available to students in February.

Both vaccination campaigns were launched in response to outbreaks of the disease on each campus in the past year. Princeton has seen eight confirmed cases of the disease since March. UCSB has seen four confirmed cases since November. In one case, a freshman who contracted the disease had to have bothfeet amputated.

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