Saturday, January 23

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Sohee Khim

Survey quantifies sexual assault

More than 15 percent of female undergraduates reported experiencing non-consensual vaginal penetration during their time at the University, according to an unpublished survey conducted in 2008 by several University offices. The survey, a version of a standard survey format called the “Sexual Experience Survey” was developed in 2007 by Mary Koss, a University of Arizona Public Health professor specializing in sexual violence, and consisted of 17 multiple choice questions.

Princeton Packet up for sale

Princeton media institution The Packet Media Group — composed of the Princeton Packet and its 10 sister newspapers — and its Princeton property on Witherspoon Street, are up for sale, according to a statement by James Kilgore, the president and owner of the newspaper publishing company. The Packet is home to over 100 employees.

Lecturer calls health, due process ‘human rights’

In a lecture titled “Investigating Health and Human Rights Abuse” on Sunday evening, Wilson School visiting lecturer Joseph Amon described health as a “human right.”“Human rights are really about how people with certain health conditions are subject to discrimination,” Amon said, citing examples such as how people diagnosed with HIV/AIDS are shunned by their communities.

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