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Ryan Chavez


Fisticuffs and the future of the Left

The tit-for-tat nature of the Biden-Trump brawl would be indicative of the left-right culture war coming to blows if not for the fact that it’s more worthy of a Monty Python skit than of New York Times headlines. While these audacious quotes garner laughs for their ridiculousness, they also bring to the fore the ethical dilemmas and rifts within left-leaning politics.

Honor in solidarity

The question is how to use the advantages of the scope and scale of the support for the referenda. The mass of the student body is critical. Utilizing the popular support of the referenda to start a collective bargaining process is our strongest position. 

What’s wrong with a Mexican party?

On May 12, 2017, The Daily Princetonian broke a story on a Mexican-themed party that took place on campus the night before. Racially insensitive events are so common on this campus that they have come to be expected. In the past year alone we’ve already had one particularly flagrant example, the 27th annual Mandatory Makeout Mexican Mustache Monday Madness Fiesta in September. Then, as we saw more recently this May, one Mexican party was not enough for the year.

​Searching for demons

In a recent series of op-eds in The Daily Princetonian, a colleague of mine, Jacquelyn Thorbjornson ’19, and I have been exchanging arguments surrounding the issue of bias in news coverage.

Becky with the bad bias

In her op-ed “Outrage,” columnist Jacquelyn Thorbjornson ’19 took the mainstream media to task for not covering a rape allegedly committed by undocumented immigrants at Rockville, Md. high school. She claims that “the only significant difference between the two cases is the immigration status of the alleged attackers.” This is blatantly false.

A circle of debate

Free speech and its implications seem like fashionable topics for op-eds lately. Debate over free speech is simply unavoidable, from fires in the streets of Berkeley, Calif. to renaming residential colleges in New Haven. That’s all without mentioning the dialogues surrounding fake news, social media, and the activities of the current resident of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

The “good luck” phenomenon

A spectre is haunting Princeton – the spectre of impending midterms. All the students of the Orange Bubble are beginning to feel the presence of exams in their life, and the collective conscious of campus is groaning.