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Richard Ma


Racism and the coronavirus: quarantine Sinophobia

"The intolerance towards other cultures evidenced in these reactions reveals a level of Eurocentrism that is damaging to any attempts towards true globalization, an oft-cited goal in the modern world.”

The Triangle Show was excellent, but…

Though this season’s production, “Once Uponzi Time,” was excellent, it included problematic elements. The show was really cohesive, hilarious, and politically sharp, even by Triangle Show standards. Yet, I found the show’s use of its Asian actors unsettling.

Asians in the "White Castle": Why diversity in Hollywood matters

Asians still often fulfill quiet stereotypes as the submissive model minority. Though recent and upcoming films such as Crazy Rich Asians and Marvel’s Shang-Chi are a breath of fresh air, both still rely upon well-worn Asian conceptions of tiger mothers or martial arts.

Remembering what centers you

It’s important, as you embark on your semester here, whether it be your first or last, to do those things that give you great joy, or rather, great tranquility.