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Priya Vulchi


Mousey musings


Because whether it’s for something as small as mice in my room, to a professor saying something offensive in class, I don’t want my gratitude to hold me back — especially regarding injustices on campus because, unlike the mice, I can control my choice to confront them. 

In memory of my courtyard's photography

Who knows though, maybe it’s too soon to say goodbye—that sign in my courtyard is pretty small. Plus, we already caught one wedding party sneaking into our courtyard yesterday. 

The other side of Nassau Street

Princeton will never produce students “in the Nation’s Service and the Service of Humanity” if, in order to get there, students sidestep community service. If you’re a Princeton student, chances are you’re part of the I’ve-never-crossed-Nassau-Street club, and, even if you have, you’ve probably only made it as far as Starbucks.