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Nouran Ibrahim


On the next phases of AI, with Microsoft president Brad Smith '81

Brad Smith ’81, the President and Chief Legal Officer of Microsoft, visited the University on Mar. 1 to speak about artificial intelligence and the role that similar companies play in steering the technology field’s ethical standards. After his lecture, the ‘Prince’ sat down with Smith to talk about the future of AI and the way his education has informed his work at Microsoft.  

Anderson defends traditional marriage

“Let me start, as any a good conservative should start, by turning back the clock 50 years,” Dr. Ryan Anderson ’04 said.  50 years ago, according to Anderson, births to single mothers were in the single digits across the general American population. They have now reached about 40 percent.

Graham Richard ’69 champions advanced, sustainable energy through business and technology

“We take energy for granted,” Richard said, recalling the devastating Hurricane Sandy, which left thousands of individuals across the East Coast without electricity for days in October 2012. Richard said that he believes a realignment of energy sourcing can be the answer to problems such as those that arise after natural disasters when only traditional energy sources are available.