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Khadijah Anwar


Period products, please!

It is critical that we acknowledge the essentiality of menstrual products and work to lift discriminatory taxes and increase accessibility for women across the world.

A call for the drastic refurbishment of student housing

It is problematic that many students feel like their dorms are so uncomfortable that they are forced to spend most of their day away from their room, which is supposed to serve as a private space for students to unwind. The fact that a large chunk of upperclassman housing is called the “slums” is indicative of the dissatisfaction and discomfort that exists among students regarding their housing.

The role of corrosive patriotism in the Kashmir lockdown

Ideally, patriotism is a beautiful notion — a love for one’s homeland and heritage paired with a burning desire to protect those roots. In the real world, however, the idea of “patriotism” devolves into just another weapon used to propel conflicts between nationalist governments. Even more egregiously, it is oftentimes merely a disingenuous rebranding of chauvinism.

The English-only movement needs to stop

In many ways, this imposes a modern racist standard upon immigrants, much like the one imposed upon indigenous groups in the past. This standard suggests that immigrants have to speak English and live a Western lifestyle, or else there is no place for them here.

The battle for coeducation isn’t over just yet

Now 50 years from the beginning of coeducation, we must realize that coeducation was not an opportunity joyously offered to women by higher institutions like Princeton. It was an opportunity seized by women to better the world for themselves.