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Kate Lee


The real problem with Canada Goose

As another winter passes, the debates about Canada Goose jackets, those emblems of Princeton’s disproportionate wealth, are bound to continue. But we must also question what goes into creating that image of wealth and what realities we, as students at an institution that claims to pursue ethical practices, are willing to ignore in service of brands and markets.

The complexity of confession

As important as it is to acknowledge issues and challenges on campus, it is equally crucial that we find the right spaces for the right conversations.

A case for reading

Printed on a pair of socks in Labyrinth Bookstore is “so many books, so little time.” It’s a cute, positive sentiment: when you love books, the pile to read seems endless and exciting. But when I passed it last week, the phrase hit home differently.

The protection of affirmative action isn’t enough

In many ways, it was a victory. A great moment of relief. At least for the time being, it seems that the accessibility of minority students to elite colleges has been protected. However, even as the case might possibly move up in the legal system, the discussion about admissions should not end at affirmative action.