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Joseph Sheehan Joe

The Daily Princetonian

Passes for Late Meal website taken down

Passes for Late Meal — a website that connects students with Late Meal swipes with students with eating club passes in order to trade them — was taken down by its creators on Monday evening following discussions with the University administration about its permissibility under current dining regulations. They will not be subject to disciplinary sanctions, one of the creators said. Mike Caddell, a media specialist at the University's Office of Communications, declined to comment on the specific case, but said that exchanging Late Meals is against the meal contract students sign with Dining Services. The University's dining hall contract, which all students on residential meal plans are required to sign, does not discuss whether students are allowed to exchange their meal swipes, according to a review of the contract by The Daily Princetonian. In addition, the "Meal Plan Terms and Policies" section of the Dining Services website also does not discuss the subject of exchanging meal swipes, but it does say that "Misuse of the late meal program will result in a guest meal charge to the student's account." It remains unclear whether students who exchange their Late Meals through Passes for Late Meal will be charged extra meal charges. [scribd id=216936399 key=key-1tunmi2vrbznq7ndz35h mode=scroll] Utsarga Sikder ’15, Nihar Madhavan ’15 and Junya Takahashi ’15, the creators of the website, said they participated in talks with the University before deciding to take it down. The University, they weren't okay with the site in the current form that it was, and they didn't expressly tell us to take it down, but the changes they did require, we felt would [alter] the site so much, and we weren't willing to compromise and do that," Sikder said. The University wanted them to remove all mentions of partying from the site, Sikder said. The site was widely visited across campus, Sikder noted.

The Daily Princetonian

News & Notes: Dartmouth proposes stricter sexual assault penalties

Dartmouth President Philip Hanlon proposed mandatory expulsion for certain cases of sexual assault ina statement on the university's websiteon Saturday. Expulsion would be mandatory in cases where students use “force, threat, or purposeful incapacitation” in order to have sexual penetration with another student, Hanlon wrote. The proposal comes as Dartmouth is under investigation by the Education Department for its handling of sexual misconduct.

Would you get the meningitis vaccine?

76 percent of students say they plan to get meningitis vaccine

Out of a total of 259 students interviewed by The Daily Princetonian between Tuesday and Wednesday, 197, or 76 percent, said they plan to get a vaccine not yet licensed in the United States that will be offered by the University to combat a campus outbreak of type B meningitis. Since March, six students and one visitor have been hospitalized with the disease.

The Daily Princetonian

HackPrinceton site What Would I Say passes 1 million hits, gains national attention

“We lured a girl into the Large Hadron Collider.” “Herman Cain has already received a carefully groomed mustache.” "We tried to eat our spectacular students." These are just three examples of the randomly generated non sequiturs produced by What Would I Say, a website developed by seven Princeton graduate students during last weekend's HackPrinceton event.

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