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Jae-Kyung Sim


On journaling

After the past few months of trying out journaling, I’ve learned that those 20 minutes spent keeping my journal taught me more about myself than any assignment ever could.

Beyond the Harvard lawsuit

The Harvard lawsuit, and Judge Burroughs’ rather comprehensive opinion released on the subject, gives us an opportunity to re-examine what it means to be an Asian person residing in America. It pushes the question of where exactly Asians stand in conversations about race. There are important biases that exist outside of college admissions, and we should think more about and ultimately reject such biases, such as the model minority myth.

Take a gap year

A gap year is precisely the opportunity to gain a greater sense of purpose and to get to know yourself better. It’s not just introspection you could be doing with a whole year. You could perhaps travel to other locations, spend time with family, or complete a couple of internships in areas of work that you were interested in but never dared to explore during the summers — summers that were generally reserved for more prestigious tech/finance/consulting internships. One year of break will not only prepare you better for Princeton but also broadly for your career path and life.

Let me major in other things

Offering more specific, diverse major options would grant students much more freedom and flexibility in navigating through their academic career at the University.

A few thoughts on “racism” towards white people

But independent of the differing levels of impacts of our orientations — which are, arguably, still difficult to articulate — it does not change the fact that we are still attributing hateful, arbitrary stereotypes on an entire group of people.

Please respond to their texts

As I now try to stay connected to friends from vastly different locations, I regret not investing time into the simple act of texting to keep up some of those friendships that I valued highly.

Leave out identity politics in the primaries

As an Asian, I would love to see an Asian-American giving the State of the Union address someday. Nonetheless, I wouldn’t automatically vote for the Asian-American candidate in this election.

If you're reading this, it’s not too late

Stay informed and fight back. Not only can the ‘Prince’ provide a significant source of campus-wide community, but it has tremendous potential to become a critical rallying point for campus activism. So if you’re reading this, it’s not too late: go tell your friends to read the ‘Prince.’

In praise of wasting time

Just because you get a Goldman Sachs internship doesn’t mean you will be happy for the rest of your life —new problems will always arise.