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Hunter Campbell
Senior Writer


Improving the precept structure

How can one engage in serious debate if precept is merely a review of that week’s lecture materials or that week’s readings?

Improving fire safety inspections

If the goal of fire safety inspections is to stop violations that endanger the lives of the members of our community, then why should we not be willing to spend some more money in adopting a more effective — and more prudent — inspection policy?

Improper promotion on campus

It is great that so many students wish to offer opportunities to others on campus, but we should do so in an orderly, respectful, and non-wasteful fashion.

Give us course credit for the junior paper

In its current state, the junior paper is a time-consuming endeavor for which we are neither properly compensated nor sufficiently empowered to complete to its highest potential.

Bathroom: The Worst Part of Dorm Life

Ultimately, if we want there to be any kind of change to conduct in our bathrooms, we will have to speak to either the rambunctious defilers of our common spacers themselves, or we will need to be willing to pick up the phone and contact University administrators who can act. 

Trashing our campus has gone too far

When our facilities workers are intensely disrespected, and when innocent students are put in harm’s way by people so inconsiderate that they cannot pick up their own trash, there have to be consequences.

Fixing fire safety penalties

A far better method than fines is to have violators do a certain number of community service hours helping facilities workers around campus. Of course, this would be after receiving a warning or two.

Adding options to the liberal arts

Instead of being able utilize their talents where they see fit, students currently face situations where they feel like they are simply rubber stamping a requirement.

Improving substance-free housing

Our substance-free housing system is flawed because it interconnects substance-free and substance-permitting rooms, negating nearly all of the benefits that substance-free housing is supposed to offer.