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David Veldran


Humanities Council hosts 'Being Human' festival

The programming, which kicked off on Oct. 11 with a performative celebration of indigenous and immigrant tales from the Americas (“Belonging(s) in Movement”), will run through Dec. 19. All events are free and most are fully open to the public. 

Obamas win 55.7% of Student Speaker Initiative vote

In his announcement, Eddy wrote, “The next step is to officially present Michelle and Barack Obama as speakers to the university as the student choices for the trial program. I'll be sure to keep you all up to date as the discussion proceeds.”

Sibley ’19 launches referendum for eye care

AJ Sibley ’19 proposed a referendum calling for the University administration to begin an annual awareness initiative on health threats of computer screens and to install campus computers with blue light protection software. The referendum will be voted on this week.