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Coco Chou


Q&A: Designing the Dale Summer Award

What was your project and what aspect of it is most attractive to you? My project essentially involved exploring Islamic history and different aspects of spirituality in places where it was deep-rooted: southern Spain and Morocco.

Hometown Stories: Kaohsiung, Taiwan

If you were to take out a world map, search for the little sweet-potato-shaped green dot to the right of China, beneath Japan and South Korea, and point at its lower half section, you’d find my hometown – Kaohsiung, Taiwan.  When people think of Taiwan, most commonly they think of Taipei, our capital.

Miller, Ullman discuss religion and money

University’s David W. Miller conducted an interview with Myron “Mike” Ullman on Nov. 30. They discussed the role religion plays in Ullman’s success in life, business, and philanthropy. Ullman is a businessman who has led several global enterprises toward success, based in places across the globe.

Update: New Wilson School fund to encourage cross-disciplinary proposals

New funds in the Wilson School will be available for students and faculty who devise innovative and quantitative research proposals, in particular those involving education along with cross-disciplinary intersections, according to Wilson School officials. The Overdeck Family Foundation, founded in 2011 by John Overdeck and Laura Overdeck ’91, seeks to maximize children’s potentials by funding innovative projects with quantifiable results.

Q&A: 5 Seconds Of Summer

Article by Ming-Yu ChouIn ode of the remaining days of September, The Street decided to interview five students in Frist Campus Center to get a five-second glimpse of their summer experience.Kalina Tsolova, Class of 2020, from BulgariaQ: What was the most memorable moment of your summer?A: Me and my best friend went to Rome, as a present for prom.