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Catherine Duazo


Wantchekon strives for ‘pan-African’ university

Politics professor Leonard Wantchekon, prison activist turned professor, is in the process of founding a university in Africa, which he hopes will become a “pan-African” university that would provide students with a “modern American-style university” experience.

Even after lost bid for Senate, Holt enjoys support from University-affiliated donors

“There is a bumper sticker that goes around Princeton that says ‘My Congressman is a rocket scientist’. I’ve always felt kind of proud to be able to say that we have someone representing us in Congress with Rush Holt’s intelligence and his scientific background,” former University President Shirley Tilghman said in a November interview, reflecting on Holt’s popularity among Princeton constituents.Holt has represented New Jersey’s 12th congressional district in the U.S.

Seminar explores U.'s little-known connection to slavery

Under the guidance of three instructors, five undergraduate students in HIS 402: Princeton and Slavery are working closely with historical documents in Mudd Library to attempt to understand how slavery influenced the early development of the University. Following the 2003 appointment of theSteering Committee on Slavery and Justiceat Brown by president Ruth Simmons, Princeton is among a number of other universities that are now researching how slavery shaped their own educational institutions. History professor Martha Sandweiss teaches the class alongside University archivist Daniel Linke and postdoctoral fellow Craig Hollander.

726 offered early admission

The University has offered admission to 726 students out of a pool of 3,443 candidates for the Class of 2016, or 21 percent, through its new single-choice early action program. Decisions for early action admissions were released online Thursday afternoon. These students are expected to make up between 31 and 36 percent of the total number of applicants who will be admitted to the incoming freshman class. 

Researchers monitor measles

Patterns of seasonal measles outbreaks can now be monitored using composite satellite nighttime imagery that capture changing nighttime-light brightness, according to a team led by University postdoctoral researcher Nita Bharti.

Corzine resigns amid federal investigation

Former New Jersey Governor and Wilson School visiting lecturer Jon Corzine resigned from his position as chairman and chief executive at MF Global Holdings Ltd. on Nov. 4 while the FBI conducts an ongoing investigation into $633 million of client money that is unaccounted for at the options and futures firm.

Singer addresses idea of donating to those in need

Bioethics professor Peter Singer and co-founder Holden Karnofsky spoke about global poverty in a talk sponsored by the American Whig-Cliosophic Society and the Princeton chapter of Giving What We Can on Tuesday.

Lin discusses past and present projects

Architect Maya Lin presented a lecture discussing her past and present projects at Richardson Auditorium on Tuesday. Lin is most well known for designing the Vietnam Veterans Memorial in Washington, D.C.