Thursday, December 8

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Aishwarya Kalyanaraman

University Art Museum honors World AIDS Day in annual celebration

“In our efforts to remember World AIDS Day, we’ve generally focused on that first decade,” said Harris. “That first decade of diagnosis, and the first decade of the health crisis, especially on the human rights and civil rights issues that arose in this country around the AIDS crisis. You know, as all of us remember, it was much more than a health crisis for all those years.”

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The mixed emotions of New Jersey weather

Break kicked off in the most classically fall way possible: the green scenery was long gone, replaced by a spectrum of warm-colored leaves, and the long-awaited crispness in the air had finally arrived. It was the perfect weather to finally bundle up in your favorite sweater, cherish the end of midterms, and look forward to enjoying the objectively greatest season (this cannot be disputed). However, unless you haven’t been in New Jersey for long enough to know better by now, you probably suspected that the coming week was not about to be smooth-sailing autumn bliss.

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Origins of Petey Greene: A program that creates new beginnings

Since its origin, the Petey Greene Program has allowed Princeton students to tutor in a rather unique setting — prison. The organization’s mission is rooted in criminal justice reform and focuses on “preparing volunteers, primarily college students, to provide free, quality tutoring and related programming to support the academic achievement of incarcerated people.” Today, the program consists of hundreds of volunteers from 32 universities, but it all began here at Princeton. 

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