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The Daily Princetonian

A questionable model for female grads

As part of the continuing celebration of 30 years of coeducation at Princeton, the University nominated three alumnae for the honor of Baccalaureate speaker: Meg Whitman '77, President and CEO of the auction Website eBay; Wendy Kopp '80, founder of Teach for America; and Lisa Halaby '73, better known as Queen Noor of Jordan.

OPINION | 01/16/2000

The Daily Princetonian

From stage to page: Campus needs to bolster arts coverage

There is a serious dearth of arts coverage on this campus. Regardless of your impression of its quality or analytical depth, campus arts coverage is virtually nonexistent, except for the following: a review every two weeks or so of one of the campus theater shows; the semiannual article about the lack of performing space on campus; the obligatory pre-Triangle Show spread/free publicity; and the occasional article about the lack of arts coverage on campus.Currently, arts coverage is relegated to a once-a-week format which mostly consists of said reviews or comments on some recent book, record, or movie release without a clear campus connection.

OPINION | 01/06/2000

The Daily Princetonian

Letters to the Editor

Advocating abstinenceStatistics are statistics, but the author of "Surveys indicate infrequent sex on campus" in your April 15 issue clearly took the position that the lack of sex here was a problem that the student body needs to eradicate.

OPINION | 04/16/1998