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From stage to page: Campus needs to bolster arts coverage

There is a serious dearth of arts coverage on this campus. Regardless of your impression of its quality or analytical depth, campus arts coverage is virtually nonexistent, except for the following: a review every two weeks or so of one of the campus theater shows; the semiannual article about the lack of performing space on campus; the obligatory pre-Triangle Show spread/free publicity; and the occasional article about the lack of arts coverage on campus.Currently, arts coverage is relegated to a once-a-week format which mostly consists of said reviews or comments on some recent book, record, or movie release without a clear campus connection.

OPINION | 01/06/2000

Letters to the Editor

Advocating abstinenceStatistics are statistics, but the author of "Surveys indicate infrequent sex on campus" in your April 15 issue clearly took the position that the lack of sex here was a problem that the student body needs to eradicate.

OPINION | 04/16/1998


Letters to the Editor

Bicycle safetyIn response to April 14's article on bicycle safety ("Bike theft vexes students, police; Public Safety intensifies efforts"), I wanted to add that bicycle safety entails more than just locking your bike.

OPINION | 04/15/1998

The need for female self-defense

Some Thursdays, I just don't feel like fighting for my life. If it's been a long day, and I'm worn out, I don't want to scream, kick, bite ? or thrash on the ground with the 170-pound black woman sitting on my chest.Meet Shihan Linda Ranson, the fifth-degree black belt who teaches Women's Self-Defense at Dillon Gym this semester.

OPINION | 04/13/1998

Letters to the Editor

On taking depression seriouslyAfter reading two instances in the 'Prince' where people have referred to Prozac as a "happy pill" and depression as another case of the blues or of boredom with your life, of not thinking enough, of thinking too much, I felt that I had to try and at least clear up some of these misconceptions.It's a source of endless frustration to me to see people treat clinical depression lightly: "Oh, just take some Prozac and you'll be fine." Clinical depression (a terrible label, actually, as it just sounds like an extended period of the blues) is not just an extended period of the blues.

OPINION | 04/13/1998

Student-faculty relations

When the USG passed a resolution in February to create an organization mirroring the Faculty Committee on Examinations and Standing ? the Student Committee on Examinations and Standing ? it took a necessary step to marshal student opinions on academic matters that affect the entire undergraduate body.

OPINION | 04/13/1998

Shuffling through the ruins of poetry's wasteland

Quickly now: outside of class, what was the last poem you read?Perhaps this question has left you slack-jawed and silent; if not that, it has most likely forced you to dig a little bit deeper into your memory than if I had asked, say, "What was the last trashy paperback you read?" or "Where was the nearest bathroom your freshman year?"My point, of course, is that the reading of poetry in America as a form of entertainment has fallen into disfavor in recent years, and it is currently so rare that I have given up my search for a soul with whom to spend the early morning hours discussing John Donne's quirky brilliance, T.S.

OPINION | 04/09/1998