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The Daily Princetonian

Child's play

On Tuesday, hundreds of high school-aged Young Democrats and Young Republicans sat on their couches watching C-Span while the fate of their schools and their right to have an abortion were decided by other people, many of whom don't know a Bush from a tree.No American under 18 is allowed to vote, a law I find offensive.

OPINION | 11/08/2000

The Daily Princetonian

The other presidential election

Now that we're finally finished with the drawn out and rather distasteful process of selecting the next president of the United States, we can at last turn our attention to something that really matters ? the selection of the next president of Princeton University.While the first and more trivial of these Presidential campaigns was nail-bitingly close to the bitter end, leaving pundits on all the major cable news networks with almost pornographically exposed cuticles, something of a consensus has already emerged with regard to the second and more meaningful decision.Princetonians want Bill.

OPINION | 11/07/2000

The Daily Princetonian

Take time to vote

For those of you who have not yet cast your ballots, the editorial board of The Daily Princetonian encourages you to do so before the end of the day.

OPINION | 11/06/2000

The Daily Princetonian

Gore would expand upon progress of past eight years while standing up to Republicans in Congress

Preparing for the future requires understanding the past. Gov. George W. Bush has shown he understands almost nothing about recent history ? which bodes ill for any future Bush administration.According to Bush, the last eight years have brought only squandered opportunities in the White House.

OPINION | 11/05/2000

The Daily Princetonian

Letters to the Editor

Constitutional interpretation remains flexible to society's evolving traditionsIn his column titled "It's abortion, stupid" in yesterday's 'Prince,' Justin Hastings '01 attacked liberals and Democrats for fearing a loss of abortion rights in the 2000 election.

OPINION | 10/26/2000

The Daily Princetonian

Third-Grade Inflation

I have decided my whole life revolves around a desire to be nine years old again. In this ivy world of midterms and mailrooms, bubble forms and blue phones, recruiting and robopound, I would gladly submit my resume to reenter the third grade.

OPINION | 10/26/2000

The Daily Princetonian


Anyone who runs a student group knows about the 501(c)(3) section of the federal tax code. This section, which makes nonprofit groups tax exempt, shelters many student groups, and, in fact, the University itself.But in return for tax-exempt status, the law puts restrictions on such groups and institutions.

OPINION | 10/24/2000