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Letters to the Editor

On incomplete 'Street' coverageI am appalled at your poor coverage of Monday's decision by four clubs to hold "dry Bicker." This is the most interesting campus news since the Sovereign Bank robbery, and your reporter would have us believe that T.I.

OPINION | 02/04/1998

All the president's women

I could write a solemn, factually accurate column in which I carefully explain why Bill Clinton has had almost nothing to do with the economy's recent strong performance and point out the numerous underpublicized foreign policy disasters he is responsible for and just in general say a lot of things that need to be said about a very disappointing presidency; but that doesn't sound like it would be much fun for anybody so instead I'm going to ridicule Bill's sex life.

OPINION | 02/04/1998

Letters to the Editor

On speaking out against CCC advertisementWe are writing in response to a full-page advertisement from the Campus Crusade for Christ, written by Margaret Bothner '98, which ran in the Friday, January16 issue of the 'Prince.' Starting from the premise that she need not "show what other religions or world views lack in order to illustrate why Christianity is so amazing," Ms. Bothner proceeds to describe what she considers some of the main and unique characteristics of Christianity.

OPINION | 02/03/1998

A Dose of Strong Coffee and the Chaos Theory

There is a verse from the Torah ? near the end of Numbers ? that my great-grandfather was fond of quoting whenever someone asked him why he didn't go to synagogue on Saturday mornings: "In any place that you remember me, I will come to you and bless you." He was a religious man, and he always devoted his Saturdays to prayer and study; but if he didn't have to leave his home ? which according to Jewish Law, he didn't ? then he stayed content within the walls of his apartment on Socrates St., Mexico City, Mexico, entirely oblivious to the goings on of the largest city in the world.I have always admired this: he lived simultaneously as a law unto himself and in strict accordance with another law ? Jewish law, which is not known for its flexibility.

OPINION | 02/03/1998


Time for a change

Debuting in this issue is the first segment in a four-part series portraying minority perspectives of and experiences with the 'Street.' It is a topic that addresses an integral element in the spectrum of race relations at the University, and one that reveals a significant aspect of social life in obvious need of change as the University approaches the millenium.Black and Hispanic students feel marginalized on Prospect Avenue because the clubs do not cater to a wide variety of groups.

OPINION | 02/02/1998

Passing the torch

A new group of editors takes over The Daily Princetonian with this issue. We will continue the tradition of journalistic integrity that has marked the first 121 years of this newspaper.

OPINION | 02/01/1998

Letters to the Editor

On safety at bicker, sign-insAs club selection week begins, we write to call your attention to the commitment that all of the eating clubs and many student leaders have endorsed.

OPINION | 02/01/1998

Our final issue: Stepping aside

The 1998 Managing Board of The Daily Princetonian steps down with this issue. As we scurry to our carrels to begin writing our theses, we reflect on our time at Princeton and at the 'Prince' with fond memories.We are not ignorant or pompous enough to believe that the 'Prince' is always essential campus reading.

OPINION | 01/18/1998

Looking ahead

A decade has passed since Harold T. Shapiro became president of the University, and these years have been, for the most part, good for Princeton.

OPINION | 01/06/1998