Tuesday, November 30

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Letters to the Editor

U-Council and sweatshopsAs chair of the University's Resources Committee that has been charged by the U-Council with investigating the issue of sweatshop labor, I was surprised to read John Kimble '02's letter in the Feb.

OPINION | 02/22/2000

On sweatshop activism

Because a student's educational experience extends beyond the classroom, the University is obligated to pay careful attention to non-academic aspects of student life if it hopes to retain its claim of being a truly educational institution.Because we've all recently come of voting age, our college years can be seen as the formative period of our political activity.

OPINION | 02/21/2000


University fails to solicit student opinion on rotunda

While the uproar over the fate of the Chancellor Green Cafe is almost as loud as the cafe itself, the administration's disregard for student input in matters regarding space allocation at the University is especially disturbing ? as disturbing as the potential cafe conversion.The University's proposal to convert the cafe into a humanities library beginning in 2001 is premature given Frist's unknown future as a social space on campus and the cafe's well-known success.

OPINION | 02/15/2000

Letters to the Editor

Clarifying FLA's methodsI want to join Laura Kaplan '02 in inviting anyone interested in sweatshop labor issues to attend this afternoon's open forum sponsored by the Resources Committee of the U-Council.

OPINION | 02/15/2000