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Winfrey to record show at University

Buoyed by her win yesterday against Texas beef companies in a "veggie libel" suit, talk-show superstar Oprah Winfrey is coming to campus this weekend to tape portions of an upcoming show featuring author and creative writing professor Toni Morrison.Winfrey will host a taped discussion on Morrison's new book, "Paradise," with the 1993 Nobel Prizewinning author and 20 preselected viewers, said Audrey Pass, a spokeswoman for The Oprah Winfrey Show.The discussion will air as part of Winfrey's March 6 show, which will be televised live from Chicago, Pass added. Private tapingThe Princeton taping will not be open to the public, and officials refused to disclose where on campus or when this weekend it will take place."We don't want people to show up to the event," Pass said.

NEWS | 02/26/1998

ITASA forum to celebrate Taiwanese-American roots

"This will probably be the biggest Asian invasion that this campus has seen in years," George Cheng '98, co-chair of the Intercollegiate Taiwanese American Students Association, said of the ITASA annual conference to be held on campus this weekend.Audrey Jean '99, co-chair of ITASA, said that she expects over 300 students from at least 34 different colleges and universities from as far as Canada and California.The conference, entitled "Tai-wanese Eyes-American Visions," consists of a variety of workshops, speakers and performances open to all University students with PUID."The workshops are about our identity within the Asian spectrum and within American society as a whole," Jean said. Wide appealShe explained that many of the workshops are held concurrently and appeal to a wide variety of students.

NEWS | 02/26/1998

Committee endorses move toward P/D/F-rescind option

Taking a break from the grade inflation issue, the Committee on Examinations and Standing endorsed the introduction of the "P/D/F-rescind option" at a meeting Monday.However, even if the rescind option is approved at a faculty meeting this spring, the need to update computer programs could postpone its implementation for an uncertain period of time.The option would allow students to switch to a letter grade if they had already decided to take a class P/D/F.

NEWS | 02/25/1998

Brown, Columbia claim aid plan tips balance in athletic recruiting

Though new financial aid programs at Princeton and Yale universities will make it more affordable for students from lower and middle-class families to enroll, there is some concern that the programs may unfairly tip the balance on the playing field of Ivy League athletics.Athletics directors at other Ivy League schools said they are concerned that by offering more financial aid to a wider pool of students, Princeton and Yale may attract a greater number of potential athletes.They said they are worried that what the University's Board of Trustees referred to as "the most important changes in Princeton's financial aid policies in several decades" may fundamentally change Ivy League athletics. Changing the RulesColumbia University's Athletics Director John Reeves called it "the biggest change since the league's establishment in 1954."Joan Taylor, senior associate director of athletics at Brown University, voiced similar concerns.

NEWS | 02/25/1998

Astronomers, stargazers prepare for last solar eclipse of millennium

Astronomers and amateur sky-watchers alike will have the opportunity today to observe the Western Hemisphere's final total solar eclipse during this millennium.While the eclipse will only reach totality in a small area of the Caribbean, a partial eclipse will be observable throughout much of North and South America.A solar eclipse takes place when the moon comes between the earth and the sun, thereby blocking the sun's direct rays and casting its shadow on the earth's surface.Total solar eclipses are fairly common, with one occurring about every 18 months.

NEWS | 02/25/1998


USG proposes less stringent fire safety inspections, codes

It's an all-too-familiar scenario to some students. Seconds after returning to your room from the shower, you hear a knock: "Fire inspectors." Without further delay, the inspectors make their entrance and proceed to go through the room as you stand watching, clad in nothing but a towel.The avoidance of this and other embarrassing situations is one of the goals of measures to reform fire and safety policy reform introduced by USG senator Carlos Lazatin '99.

NEWS | 02/25/1998

Missing manuscripts prompt curator to search Firestone

A pictorial manuscript from central Mexico has been misplaced from the Garrett Collection of indigenous manuscripts at Firestone Library, according to the collection's curator, Alfred Bush.The item was supposed to be included in the exhibition, "The Search for Latin America: Sources at Princeton," that recently opened in the library's main gallery, but it could not be found during the preparation of the exhibit.Peter Johnson, the exhibition's curator and bibliographer for Latin America, Spain and Portugal, said although there were many items in the University's collections to choose from, "when you can't find something, it's a cause of concern." MisplacedBush stressed that the manuscript is not missing from the library.

NEWS | 02/25/1998

Bosstones to play P-Party; contract remains uncertain

The Mighty Mighty Bosstones will be knocking on the wooden floors of Dillon Gym this April for the University's annual P-Party, the band's booking agency said yesterday.Although the USG would not confirm the contract with the Bosstones, a ska-core band that has gained fame recently for its single "The Impression That I Get," the booking agency, Monterey Peninsula Artists, said the band would play in Dillon April 17."In this business, nothing is ever final until a contract is signed," said USG social chair Jeff Leven '00, who has the responsibility of getting a band for the annual spring concert.

NEWS | 02/24/1998

Malkiel meets with students to discuss grading practices

Bringing the issue of grade inflation back to campus after it received national attention, Dean of the College Nancy Malkiel met with student representatives for the first time since her grading report was issued.Sunday's USG meeting gave students the opportunity to discuss grade inflation, P/D/F reform and the possibility of more flexible finals with Malkiel.Because the Committee on Examinations and Standing does not include students, the grade inflation report was issued without the consultation of students.

NEWS | 02/23/1998

Knight to resign as LGBA liaison

After serving less than one year as the Student Life office's liaison with the campus lesbian, gay and bisexual community, Stephen Knight said yesterday he will be resigning at the end of this week.Knight, who is an intern in the office, said he is leaving the University to take a position in New York City's family court system.

NEWS | 02/23/1998