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Letter to the Editor

The Daily Princetonian

Arming PUPD

Princeton University wouldn’t have its carpenters do their work without a hammer, so why does the Princeton University Police Department not have the tools they need to do its job effectively?

OPINION | 02/08/2017

The Daily Princetonian

Letter to the Editor: Princeton Citizen Scientists

Over the past few weeks, over 800 members of the University community, including 68 faculty members, 641 students and postdocs, and 105 researchers, lecturers and staff members, have signed a letter supporting a call for a campus-wide day of conversation and action on March 6. This day is intended as an opportunity to put routine aside and focus our attention on learning from each other about the challenges that face us today, as well as what this means to us as a community devoted to scholarship, the use of knowledge for the common good, and the ideals of equality, diversity, freedom, democracy, and justice.

OPINION | 02/07/2017

The Daily Princetonian

Letter to the Editor: Dear Secretary Clinton

Dear Secretary Clinton: Thank you. Thank you for your dignity, for your strength of character, for your compassion, for showing us that America has a place for all Americans. Thank you for showing us what it means to dedicate your life to public service, to serving children and families, to serving New York, to serving our country as Secretary of State. In this campaign, you showed us all what it means to be stronger together.

OPINION | 11/15/2016