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Letter to the Editor

The Daily Princetonian

Birth control is healthcare

The author of a recent Prince column would presumably take issue with Merriam-Webster. According to Thomas Clark, birth control should not be considered healthcare because it “suppresses the natural function of the reproductive system” or “counteract(s) normal bodily operation” — to be contrasted with other therapies “that treat illnesses or disorders and seek to return the body to health.” 

OPINION | 11/04/2017

The Daily Princetonian

Letter to the Editor: Replies to an unjust criticism of the new Lewis Center

This past week, Kyle Berlin ’18 sent a letter to the editor in which he criticized the new Lewis Center for the Arts complex. From decrying the center’s allegedly garish architectural style, to its supposed complicity in the Neoliberal Cooptation of the Arts, Berlin spared no aspect of the University’s newest project in his piece. As it turns out, not only are his accusations vague and unimportant, but they are wrong, threatening to obscure the great good that the existence of this new center will do for the University. 

OPINION | 10/22/2017

The Daily Princetonian

Old sins cast long shadows: Repressing ballots with batons in Catalonia

The Oct. 1 referendum on Catalan independence made headlines, but not because of its result. As the CNN reported, “some 893 people were injured as riot police raided polling stations, dragged away voters, and fired rubber bullets during clashes.” International media published videos showing Spanish policemen beating people up, from teenagers to old ladies. Nonetheless, about 42 percent of Catalans managed to vote, and among those, 92 percent voted to secede from Spain.  

OPINION | 10/12/2017

The Daily Princetonian

Bicker: Its problems and how to fix them

Another Bicker season has come and gone, leaving some students overjoyed and some crushed. For some of those students, bickering was a way to increase their social status, to be part of a club that everyone wants to get into. During the year, the thought of Bicker nags constantly in the recesses of their minds. Students actively try to hang out with members of clubs, even at the expense of their old friend groups. Every social interaction with a member of a selective club is just that more important, that more consequential. But I’m willing to wager that most students who bickered, like me, were just looking to be able to eat with their friends.

OPINION | 10/04/2017

The Daily Princetonian

Letter to the Editor: Towards an inclusive free speech

Just before Princeton students returned to campus this year, an open letter signed by 16 Ivy League professors appeared online, calling on inbound college first-years to “think for yourself.” Though the call to think critically and maintain an open mind is benign on its surface, the letter is in reality a thinly veiled call to resistance against progressive campus activism.

OPINION | 09/14/2017