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The Daily Princetonian 135

The Staff of the Daily Princetonian


Ameena M. Schelling '12, Editor-in-Chief

Sophia Harris-Dyer '12, Business Manager

135th Managing Board

Managing Editor:
Andrew Budnick '13

Executive Editor for Opinion:
Camille Framroze '12

Executive Editor for Sports:
Kevin Whitaker '13

Executive Editor for Street:
Alexis Kleinman '12

Executive Editor for Multimedia:
Chris Dodds '13

Executive Editor for Web:
Amy Ousterhout '13

Executive Editor for Copy:
Elizabeth Metts '13

Executive Editor for Design:
Olivia Quach '12

Executive Editor for Photography:
Meredith Wright '13

Associate Editors for Opinion:
Joey Barnett '12
Monica Greco '13

Associate Editors for Sports:
Eric Levenson '12
Rachel Marx '13

Associate Editors for Street:
Lisa Han '13
Allie Weiss '13

Associate Editor for Multimedia:
Guy Wood '13

Associate Editors for Photography:
Ekaterina Alexeeva '14
Ben Rosales '12
Lilia Xie '14

Associate Editors for Copy:
Victoria Cadiz '13
Julie Meyer '13
Carolyn Tackett '13

Associate Editor for Design:
Dora Huang '13

Director of Blogs and Social Media:
Andy Martens '13

Editorial Board Chair:
Jonathon Sarnoff '12

2012 Managing Business Board

Business Manager:
Sophia Harris-Dyer '12

Rosemary Wang '14

Operations Manager:
Julian Dean '13

Director of National Advertising:
Alex Gerson '13

Director of Local Advertising:
Ellen Chu '12

Board of Trustees

Richard W. Thaler, Jr. ’73, President

John G. Horan ’74, Vice President

Thomas E. Weber ’89, Vice President

Zachary A. Goldfarb ’05, Secretary

Michael E. Seger ’71, Treasurer

Craig Bloom ’88
Gregory L. Diskant ’70
Willian R. Elfers ’71
John G. Horan ’74
Kathleen Kiely ’77
Rick Klein ’98
James T. MacGregor ’66
Betsy J. Minkin ’77
Jerry Raymond ’73
Carol Rigolot H’70 H’51
Annalyn Swan ’73
Douglas Widmann ’90
Richard K. Rein ’69, Trustee Emeritus