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The Daily Princetonian Vol. 134

The Staff of the Daily Princetonian


Jack Ackerman '11, Editor-in-Chief

Henry Chu '11, Business Manager

2011 Senior News Board

Managing Editors:
Josh Oppenheimer '11
Michelle Wu '11

Executive Editor for Opinion:
Mendy Fisch '11

Executive Editors for Sports:
Zach Kwartler '11
Vikram Rao '11

Executive Editors for Street:
Isabel Schwab '11
Adam Tanaka '11

Executive Editor for Multimedia:
Tasnim Shamma '11

Executive Editor for Web:
Patrick Wendell '11

Executive Editor for Photography:
Habin Chung '12

Executive Editor for Copy:
Jacob Aronson '11

Executive Editor for Design:
Janet Tambasco '11

Executive Editor for Blogs:
Melissa Loewinger '11

Associate Editors for News:
Marissa Lee '11
Chetan Narain '11

Associate Editors for Opinion:
Camille Framroze '12
Andrew Saraf '11

Associate Editor for Sports:
Gabriel Debenedetti '12

Associate Editor for Multimedia:
Paolo Esquivel '11

Associate Editors for Photography:
Sookyung Kim '11
Ben Rosales '12
Roger Wang '11

Associate Editor for Copy:
Nick Elan '11

Associate Editor for Design:
Olivia Quach '12

2009 Editorial Board

Will Pickering '11 Chair

Josh Abbuhl '10
Chelsea Ayres '12
Matthew Butler '12
Justin Cahill '11
David Christie '10
Daniel Cullen '13
Christine Emba '10
Jessica Lanney '10
Mary Marshall '10
Oliver Palmer '11
Shivani Radhakrishnan '11
Daniel Rauch '10
Hyeon-Ju Ryoo '11
Brittany Sanders ’13
Jonathan Sarnoff '12
Zayn Siddique '11
Amanda Tuninetti '11
Ben Weisman '11
Alicia Zeng '12

2011 Managing Business Board

Business Manager:
Henry Chu '11

Tiffany Ng '11

Director of Local Sales and Development:
Carlos Sanchez '12

Director of National Advertising:
Sophia Harris-Dyer '12

Director of Online Advertising:
Julian Dean '13

Senior Advertising Managers:
Di Pan '11
Tianyi Peng '12
Pietro Rea '12

Off Campus Circulation Directors:
Caroline Logue '11
Tommy Lopez '10

On Campus Circulation Director:
Daniel Ka Wai Chan '12

Board of Trustees

Richard W. Thaler, Jr. ’73, President

John G. Horan ’74, Vice President

Thomas E. Weber ’89, Vice President

Zachary A. Goldfarb ’05, Secretary

Michael E. Seger ’71, Treasurer

Craig Bloom ’88
Gregory L. Diskant ’70
Willian R. Elfers ’71
John G. Horan ’74
Kathleen Kiely ’77
Rick Klein ’98
James T. MacGregor ’66
Betsy J. Minkin ’77
Jerry Raymond ’73
Carol Rigolot H’70 H’51
Annalyn Swan ’73
Douglas Widmann ’90
Richard K. Rein ’69, Trustee Emeritus