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While former University President Shirley Tilghman takes a well-deserved break from ruling over the Orange Bubble, her soul sister, Hillary Clinton, made headlines when she became a grandmother this September.


Regardless of your political affiliation, this should be a happy occasion. Sure, it’s just another cute babyto look at, but more importantly, we have a new power-grandma in our midst. What do we mean by power-grandma? Think of all of the wonderfulqualities of your grandma, but on hyper-drive. There are six reasons that HillaryClinton is the perfect fit. Let’s begin.


1. She’s wise.

Let’s face it: Mrs. Clinton would give the perfect advice to little Charlotte ClintonMezvinsky. All those words of wisdom that Nana gave you? Yeah, imagine them comingfrom a former First Lady/former U.S. Senator/former Secretary of State/rumored presidentialhopeful.



2. She’s fun.

Grandmas are meant to be goofy. Hillary’s wild 90s hair, her impeccable taste inpantsuits and her ability to not take herself too seriously all support this lovable quality.

Work it, Grandma.



3. No one will mess with her.

Many have wondered if Mrs. Clinton becoming a grandmother would dishearten or even ruin her political career. This is baloney. If anything, Clinton as a grandmother and publicfigure would make her even stronger. When you get into fights with Grandma (assuming youhave — in which case, shame on you), Grandma always wins. Period. So it’ll be like shewon without even trying.

4. The League

Mrs. Clinton would join The League of Power-Grandmas, an underground organizationcurrently run by its Queen, former University President Shirley Tilghman.

All hail.


5. Also, food.

All grandmas have a secret recipe in their meals that they get from their secret grandma-meetings, and now that Clinton has joined this elite club, as a public figure she has thepotential to distribute its secrets throughout the nation. Maybe now Campus Dining willhave good food.

Imagine the possibilities.



6. She’ll always love you ...

... but might have a funny way of showing it. She may be harsh at times, but it’s only toget her point across.


Yeah, Power-Grandmas are a thing.



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