The new psychology building is not the only thing to have been erected on Poe Field recently. Princeton was surprised last month when it awoke to discover a large penis, made entirely of snow, had arisen in the middle of the field just south of Bloomberg Hall.

The nocturnal composition, which appeared to be a little more than four feet tall, was erected after a snowfall shortly before Winter Break began. It is the first such sculpture to appear on campussince a similar incident in 1984, according to an article we’re pretty sure was not from the 1984 joke issue.

The work appears to be an imitation ofthis piece, which debuted in Rhode Island last February to mixed reviews. It may also have been an homage to the widely acclaimedBlowjob Statuenear the University Chapel, the actual name and message of which remain completely unknown to the Princeton community. Critics have noted that, with the installation of the most recent penis, both the North and South ends of campus feature phallic artwork.

Surprisingly, no one has claimed ownership of the enormous phallus. It is believed to have melted rather quickly, as University Health Services would likely have been contacted had it lasted longer than four hours.

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