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Meet four of our new columnists – Jason Choe, Ryan Dukeman, Christian Wawrzonek and Katherine Zhao. The second in a series of introductions.

Jason Choe

I was born and raised in sunny Southern California where I've spent my whole life, in a relatively secluded and sleepy suburb of Los Angeles, minutes away from the Pacific Ocean. Idyllic weather and straightforward lifestyle notwithstanding, I've managed to escape the confines of the "Palos Verdes bubble" (as it is affectionately called... no relation whatsoever to the Orange bubble here) and develop a varied range of opinions, in regards to not only local and national issues, but also global ones. As a freshman, I still don't yet know what I want to study or do in the future, but I currently am considering Economics as a field.

Ryan Dukeman

My name is Ryan Dukeman, and I’m a freshman from Westwood, MA, outside of Boston. I’m considering concentrating in either Politics or the Woodrow Wilson School, but am also interested in Romance languages, European politics, and history. Other than the 'Prince,' I’m a member of the Debate Panel, and am a tutor for the Young Scholars Institute in Trenton. A lot of my writing involves what I observe and experience in daily life, but I also have written about politics and culture. Through opinion writing I hope to learn more about the way Princeton works, its traditions and how we approach them today.

Christian Wawrzonek

I am extremelyexcited to finally be a member of the 'Prince' Opinionstaff. It has always been my dream to obnoxiously project my biased opinionsto the Princeton campus! Seriously though, I believe the small community atmosphere of our campus makes it special. I believe that we as studentsshould use this intimate environment to openly discuss ouropinionsand be proactive in changing our community for the better.

Hailing from the far away land of Pittsburgh, I am an avid member of Club Croquet and Lightweight Crew. Beyond being a thick-headed jock on the rowing team, I have a deep love for computer science, neuroscience and especially psychology. It's my hope that these interests will help createa new, analyticalperspective of daily life in Princeton. Feel free to email me anytime with ideas and responses. I want to hear youropinionstoo!

Katherine Zhao

In twelve years, I attended seven schools. I think I've experienced almost every type of school there is - Montessori, public, private Catholic school, and now Princeton is my eighth school.In fourth grade, I went to three different elementary schools when my family moved twice. I don't hail from some exotic and far away locale, but I have lived in a lot of places. I've lived in a sunny Maryland bay side community, a quiet snowy upstate New York town, and I've lived the last seven years in a New Jersey suburb, so you'll probably find me zooming around on my bike like it's the New Jersey Turnpike.

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