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Campus through a lens: Announcing the ‘Prince’s inaugural columnists

Six black and white cartoons of various columnists. There are three columnists on the top and three on the bottom. All are smiling or smirking.
The ‘Prince’ has named its six inaugural named columnists.
Luiza Chevres / The Daily Princetonian

The Opinion section is thrilled to introduce named columns at the ‘Prince,’ starting with six columnists this semester and more to join in coming semesters. Our columnists will publish regularly and, we hope, become consistent voices in the campus conversation. 

Opinion, and perhaps opinions from voices you’ve come to know, can do good for our campus. They hold power to account and, at their best, contribute to the goals of journalism. For example, Christofer Robles’ 2022 column about the discrepancy between the allocated $9 for late meals and the actual cost of items prompted the University to adjust its pricing, ensuring that Late Meal covers an entrée, side, and drink. And after I shone a light on Princeton’s need to improve harm reduction for drug use, University Health Services (UHS) began making Narcan and fentanyl test strips available.


Behind each of these columns are people and values: Christofer wrote his Late Meal piece because he values equity, in both the big issues and the small ones — as he said, consistently paying out of pocket for late meals makes it less accessible to lower-income students. I wrote about harm reduction because I believe in a just society where no one is left behind, everyone has dignity, and the University, as our social safety net, has an obligation to its community to provide us with the resources we need to thrive. 

These worldviews have implications beyond these specific contexts. We bring them wherever we go, and apply them to whatever we write about. Reading a series of columns by the same author is seeing things through the writer’s lens — it’s looking at campus through the ‘Christofer glasses’ or the ‘Eleanor specs.’

This is our thinking behind named columns. Just as Ezra Klein, David Brooks, Tressie McMillan Cottom, and Ross Douthat can be counted on to write interestingly and from a consistent perspective about what is going on in the U.S., we hope that our columnists can bring you interesting, consistent, and insightful perspectives about what is going on at Princeton. 

Below are our inaugural set of named Opinion columns for Spring 2024. Click on each tile to read more about each column. 

As months and years pass, we hope that our columnists will earn a dedicated readership where you become familiar with each writer’s focus, interests, quirks, and qualms. 


Our opinion staff without a designated column will continue to publish, and we will continue to publish guest contributions. I invite you, reader, to join this motley crew. And if there’s anyone in your life about whom you wonder, “what would they think?” with every issue you encounter, tell them to come to the ‘Prince’ Opinion section. 

We hope that, in time, students will come to trust our columnists as passionate, respectful, established voices in campus conversations. By seeing through the Conger contacts, Santos specs, Buckley binoculars, Ava aviators, and Lee lenses, readers will gain fresh insights by stepping into a new perspective. We all are hoping not only to inform and engage but to challenge and entertain, ultimately fostering a more connected and shared campus discourse.

Eleanor Clemans-Cope is the head Opinion editor for the 'Prince'. She can be reached at [at] or on X at eleanorjcc.

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