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Course Selection

A black and white cartoon.
PANEL 1: An establishing drawing of the outside of Whitman's dining hall. A speech bubble reads "how'd your course selection go?" and another responds "horribly, got nothing i wanted."
PANEL 2: The inside of the dining hall, where we see two people eating together. The person sitting on the left looks angry, holding their fork into the air and yelling "this first-come-first-serve thing is unfair! they should enroll people based on their devotion to the course instead!"
PANEL 3: The person on the right is unamused, and asks "devotion? how would you even judge that?"
PANEL 4: The left person takes a beat to think about this.
PANEL 5: A drawing of the front of Nassau Hall, where a crowd has formed to watch two people fighting. Someone gives a swift kick while yelling "creative writing is mine!"