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Princeton offers almost 200 new courses for upcoming spring semester

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Angel Kuo / The Daily Princetonian

As registration for spring courses begins, the University plans to offer nearly 200 new undergraduate courses in the upcoming semester.

Registration will open to seniors at 7:30 a.m. on Nov. 29, and will continue sequentially for each class year, concluding with first-years on Dec. 2.


Many new courses center on subject matter inspired by current events, offering students the opportunity to approach contemporary issues through an academic lens.

HIS 431: Ukraine on Fire, 1900 to the present, taught by Iryna Vushko, Assistant Professor of History and a native of Ukraine, focuses closely on recent events in Ukraine. With a historical outlook, the class aims to understand how the country “became engulfed by a new war with unprecedented destruction.” In a weekly three hour seminar, students will discuss events as recent as the Russian invasion of Ukraine in 2021.

ANT 316: Asian American Perils: Virus, Vermin, Machine, a new course cross-listed with the program in Asian American Studies and the Anthropology Department, will lead students in study of Asian American racialization, and how it has developed “in tandem with figures of contagion, animality, and machinery.” The class will be taught by Jerry Zee, Assistant Professor with concurrent positions in the anthropology department and the High Meadows Environmental Institute. 

Several new courses will also be offering international trips for students. In HUM 402: Making the Viking Age, students will learn about seafaring people and their colonizing conquests, including going to Denmark for “excavating, conserving, [and] curating” work to represent this period of history. 

Lucia Brown ’25 has explored the new course offerings for Spring 2023 in preparation for her 7:30 a.m. enrollment time on Dec. 1, alongside the rest of the sophomore class. Brown has ARC 382: Unlikely Architects in Plantation Landscapes a new class exploring architecture in the context of the Global South, in her course queue. To learn about architecture as a “narrative device,”  Postdoctoral Research Associate and instructor William M. Davis has constructed a reading list including “The Architecture of Confinement” by Anoma Pieris and Lynne Horiuchi and “In the Realm of the Diamond Queen” by Anna Tsing

“I’ve been wanting to take both an architecture course and urban studies course for a while, and the fact that ‘Unlikely Architects in Plantation Landscapes’ was crosslisted between the two of them immediately piqued my interest,” Brown wrote to The Daily Princetonian. “I’m looking forward to engaging with more ideas from the global South and exploring how these ‘unlikely’ actors affect the constructed spaces in our world.”


If course selection goes as planned for Fletcher Block ’25, new courses will make up over half of his spring semester schedule. He intends to enroll in ANT 238: Human, Machine, and In-Between: The Anthropology of AI, EGR 383: Design Research and Humanistic Innovation, and ASL 107: Advanced American Sign Language.

“I’m thrilled to be at the front of Princeton’s innovations in teaching,” wrote Block in a statement sent to the ‘Prince.’ “[I] cannot wait to support my professors in making their courses successful.”

A full list of the new course offerings can be found on the Office of the Registrar website. 

Isabel Yip and Tess Weinreich are Assistant News Editors for the ‘Prince.’ Please direct any corrections requests to corrections[at]

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Correction: A previous version of this article included a headline indicating that the University offered 200 new courses for the spring semester. In actuality, there were 199 courses added to the registry. The 'Prince' regrets this error.