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Learn to tackle midterms with Daybreak

Sage advice from seasoned 'Prince' staff

<h5 class="text-align-right">Natalia Maidique / The Daily Princetonian</h5>
Natalia Maidique / The Daily Princetonian


If there’s anything that will strike fear into the heart of a Princeton student, it’s the mere mention of midterms. Unlike finals, which have the buffer week known as the “reading period,” midterms are stacked on top of regular classes. Most students will agree that midterms and the week leading up to midterms are generally the most stressful part of any semester. Listen in to hear more about how to prep for midterms!

Philip Wang is an Assistant Podcast Editor at the ‘Prince’ from Ellicot City, Maryland.

Kerrie Liang is a Head Editor for The Prospect and an Assistant Podcast Editor at the ‘Prince.’ She can be reached at, or on Instagram at @kerrie.liang.

Hope Perry is the Head Podcast Editor at the ‘Prince’ who has covered USG, US politics, and student activism. She can be reached at or on Twitter @hopemperry.