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Base(ball) is life w/ Nadir Lewis

Episode 13, Season 2 of Go With the Flo

Go With the Flo Episode 13


In this episode we discuss current COVID-19 restrictions on campus, Nadir’s experience playing summer league baseball in Green Bay, Wisconsin,  the difficulty of hitting a baseball and the many types of pitches, whether or not Barry Bonds should be in the baseball Hall of Fame, and much more!

This episode of Go With the Flo was produced under the 146th Managing Board of The Daily Princetonian. Nadir Lewis is a junior concentrating in History at Princeton University. He can be reached at The views expressed in this podcast are the views of the host and guest speakers alone. 

To view the transcript for this episode, click “More Info” and then “Full Transcript” in the episode player. 


0:00 - 3:08  General intro

3:08 - 5:27  Nadir intro


5:27 - 9:09  Being back on campus

9:09 - 13:50 COVID restrictions

13:50 - 23:39 Nadir’s gap year

23:39 - 28:41 Discovering baseball

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28:41 - 35:10 Why baseball’s worth watching

35:10 - 39:44 The different kinds of pitches

39:44 - 40:57 The hardest thing in all of sports   

40:57 - 42:47 Becoming a better fan

42:47 - 46:37 Barry Bonds

46:37 - 51:12 NFL predictions

51:12 - 55:53 Musical identity segment

55:53 - 1:02:13 Tiger Confessions

1:02:13 - End Outro


Hosted by Folarin Okulaja

Produced by Folarin Okulaja

Engineered by Ezra Shin

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