Tuesday, October 19

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Extremely Bullish with Andrew Hama

Episode 2, Season 2 of Go With the Flo

<h6>Folarin Okujala / The Daily Princetonian</h6>
Folarin Okujala / The Daily Princetonian

In episode two of Go With the Flo, we discuss what an investment banker actually does, our Lawnparties act predictions, how to make the most out of the Princeton network, and much more.


This episode of Go With the Flo was produced under the 145th Managing Board of The Daily Princetonian. Andrew Hama is a senior concentrating in economics at Princeton University. He can be reached at ahama@princeton.edu.

The transcript for this episode is being processed. To view the transcript for this episode, click “More Info” and then “Full Transcript” in the episode player. 


Covid Dashboard: https://covid.princeton.edu/dashboard

No transmission article: https://www.dailyprincetonian.com/article/2021/09/princeton-contact-tracing-covid-isolation



0:00–2:05 Updates to the show

2:05–5:00 Meet Andrew

9:58–13:00 Meeting J Cole

13:08–18:30 Being back on campus, COVID-19

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18:45–25:00 Lawnparties, Donda versus CLB

26:20–35:00 Networking

35:33–39:00 Current student network

39:35– On being Ivy Treasurer


Hosted by Folarin Okulaja

Produced by Folarin Okulaja

Music edited from “Chillin” by Wale

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