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The pandemic does not end when we go home

But we can help bring the end closer

Social distancing on campus
A sign promoting social distancing in front of Blair Arch.
Mark Dodici / The Daily Princetonian

As those of us on campus begin to leave, we must continue to abide by COVID-19 health guidelines.

College students ignoring guidelines facilitated the spread of COVID-19 when students were sent home in March 2020 and contributed to surges in cases as they traveled back home for Thanksgiving break. At home or elsewhere, please don’t forget about your responsibility to your community.


Princeton’s monitoring and heavy restrictions may feel like overkill, which can make it tempting to go home and forget about the pandemic. As we wrote in January, public health considerations don’t lose importance outside FitzRandolph Gate. Wherever you may be this summer, it is important to follow local guidelines to keep everyone safe, even as we start to get vaccinated. 

If you’re coming back to campus in the fall, you will be required to get a vaccine anyway. So if you’re able to, you might as well go ahead and help your local community by getting vaccinated sooner rather than later. Know that while available vaccines are effective, being vaccinated is not an invincibility spell. Read up on what the CDC says you should and shouldn’t do.

You can also encourage family members and community members at home to get vaccinated, volunteer to help make people vaccine appointments, offer up your car for rides to the vaccine, and more. Fighting COVID-19 remains a community effort, and it is important to set a good model by adhering to guidelines set out by organizations like the CDC and WHO.

When we go home, we need to remember that the COVID-19 pandemic isn’t over just yet. But we can do our part to fight it in our communities before we return in the fall.

145th Editorial Board



Mollika Jai Singh ’24


Shannon Chaffers ’22

Won-Jae Chang ’24

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Kristal Grant ’24

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