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Book-ish reviews ‘This Side of Paradise’ by F. Scott Fitzgerald

<h6>Sandy Yang / The Daily Princetonian</h6>
Sandy Yang / The Daily Princetonian

It’s the end of a long semester. I’ve now spent just about one full academic year as a Princeton student, the last three months of it here on campus, in the best old place of all, just south of Nassau Street.

Princeton’s a strange, strange place, at least the one I’ve experienced for the last year or so. It’s full of distinctly odd and incredibly talented people. And they’re all made odder and stranger in their proximity to everyone else. There’s a particular spirit of the place, a blend of prestige, history, and emotion that hovers over campus like a wet fog.


F. Scott Fitzgerald’s first book, “This Side of Paradise”, may be the definitive account of that spirit. The story of Amory Blaine’s jaunt through Princeton is set in 1917, but the school and its people haven’t changed all that much since then — at least, as far as I’ve seen. Reading it now, at the end of my first year here, was like staring into a mirror for too long: uncomfortable, revealing, and beautiful. Every Princeton student should read it. Why? Listen in.

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