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Treadway ’22 elected as The Daily Princetonian’s 145th Editor-in-Chief

Courtesy of Emma Treadway

After more than six hours of virtual deliberation on Saturday, Nov. 21, The Daily Princetonian’s staff elected Emma Treadway ’22 as the organization’s 145th Editor-in-Chief. Treadway is currently an associate opinion editor.

Treadway, a Classics concentrator from Cincinnati, Ohio, commented on the role she sees the ‘Prince’ having as the University’s only daily, student-run newspaper.


“I want to devote my life to stories, specifically the stories that aren’t heard,” Treadway said, “and I think the ‘Prince’ is a fantastic avenue through which we can elevate those stories that haven’t been heard. It’s even more applicable during a pandemic because we’re all scattered across the world and going through very different circumstances. We’re uniquely positioned at the ‘Prince’ to highlight those stories.”

“One of the reasons why I’m so passionate about raising these stories is that I come from an FLI [first-generation, low-income] background,” Treadway continued. “I’m very aware of some of the obstacles that face certain campus communities when it comes to joining communities like the ‘Prince’ or feeling like they have any say in what’s going on. That’s something I really want to bring to the table: I want to elevate their voices.”

To illustrate her point, Treadway cited a recent piece that ran in The Prospect, titled “At home, I live in fear. Princeton offers no safe haven.” Following the piece’s publication, the University altered its emergency housing criteria to include students whose personal identities expose them to hostile home environments — according to Treadway, a fact that demonstrates the paper’s potential to effect change.

“These stories make [an] impact, and it can lead to real change in the University,” Treadway said. “That’s why I think this work is so important, and that’s why I decided to run.”

Treadway emphasized diversity and community as two key pillars of her candidacy.

“Something that’s really important for me, especially during a pandemic where we’re all separated, is being very intentional and strategic with how we’re creating community within the ‘Prince,’” Treadway said after highlighting her plans to diversify the ‘Prince’s’ staff and leadership.


“I really envision our coverage broadening, going deeper than ever before, and raising perspectives that may not have been heard at all in campus life,” Treadway continued. “I want the ‘Prince’ to be a place where people feel comfortable voicing their opinions and concerns.”

Treadway ran against Anna McGee ’22 and Kenny Peng ’22. Zachary Shevin ’22 originally entered his name into the Editor-in-Chief candidate pool but voluntarily withdrew himself from consideration before Saturday’s election.

McGee, Peng, and Shevin serve as Chief Copy Editor, Head Editor of Digital Transition, and Head News Editor, respectively.

Peng commented on the race and the future of the ‘Prince’ under Treadway’s leadership.

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“These last several weeks, Anna, Emma, Zack, and I each laid out our visions for the ‘Prince’. Our ideas differ in some respects, but our fundamental goals are closely aligned,” Peng wrote to the ‘Prince.’

“I’ve never been more confident in our organization’s future. In the coming year, our job will be to act on our ideas, turning thoughts into tangible outcomes. Under Emma’s leadership, and through the unwavering commitment of my other fellow candidates and so many others at the ‘Prince’, I am confident that we will be able to do just that,” he continued.

McGee expressed a similar sentiment.

“I’m obnoxiously proud of the four platforms that were put forth and the three people who went through with running, including myself,” she wrote. “I’m of a firm belief that Emma will do a fabulous job at the ‘Prince’s helm, and I hope to see the ‘Prince’ thrive under her leadership, particularly in respect to diversity and inclusion, which I think was a common goal in our platforms.”

“Regardless of what role I take in the future of the ‘Prince,’ I know this paper will continue to mean everything to myself and so many others,” she continued.

Current editor-in-chief Jonathan Ort ’21 commended all three candidates for running.

“We were incredibly lucky this year to have three fantastic candidates [who] brought a very wide range of experiences and perspectives,” he said. “It was an incredibly meaningful moment for the ‘Prince’ to have three people who are so dedicated and invested and took the time to do that kind of work. I felt that the conversations were critical, honest, and forward-looking.”

“In terms of Emma’s election, that’s why I’m thrilled she’ll be serving as the next Editor-in-Chief,” he continued. “Emma brings amazing experiences from the ‘Prince.’ In the past summer, she recruited our inaugural cohort of summer columnists and really prioritized bringing on a diverse and vibrant range of perspectives.”

Ort went on to discuss what these writers have brought to the ‘Prince.’

“We’ve seen the Opinion pages of the ‘Prince’ become this vital source of community discourse, and I think that is in so many ways attributable to the hard work that Emma’s done,” he said. “I couldn’t be more pleased that she’s serving as the 145th Editor-in-Chief of The Daily Princetonian.”

“She has the experience, the interpersonal kindness, and the generosity to sustain our community and to move us forward during a very challenging year,” he continued. “She has the vision to make the ‘Prince’ and our newsroom a more representative and accessible space and to make the ‘Prince’ a paper for all Princetonians.”

Ort reflected on his tenure as Editor-in-Chief, saying, “It’s been the honor of my college career, and also, really, of my life to serve as the Editor-in-Chief of the ‘Prince,’ and I’m very proud, beyond words, of everything our community’s accomplished this year. I know Emma will sustain the momentum that we’ve built.”

Once he leaves his current position, Ort said he is excited to return to his roots as an Opinion columnist and to engage with the paper’s content as a reader, rather than editor.

Treadway will officially assume the role of Editor-in-Chief on Jan. 1, 2021.