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Petition of the concerned Black alumni of Princeton

Nassau Hall afternoon sun
Jon Ort / The Daily Princetonian

As concerned Black alumni, we stand with the Princeton faculty, as well as the undergraduates, graduate students, and alumni of the School of Public and International Affairs (SPIA), who have called for the University to transform itself into an anti-racist institution. Their demands are the culmination of a continuum of student protest over fifty years — including the recent efforts of the Black Justice League — to compel the University to eliminate racial inequities. 

Like the faculty and SPIA graduate students and alumni, we urge the University to establish a center that is dedicated to the eradication and remediation of the effects of systemic racism and prepared to collaborate with the Carl A. Fields Center and the Department of African American Studies. The center could model itself after Boston University’s Center for Anti-Racism and the Truth, Racial Healing & Transformation Campus Centers established by other universities through a partnership with the Association of American Colleges and Universities.  


By the end of this year, the center would hold a University-funded symposium to investigate racism at Princeton University, documenting what is known and identifying additional areas for scholarly research. Then, with a University budget line, the center would build upon what was learned at the symposium and, with stakeholders from across the campus, develop and implement a University-wide action plan that would do the following: 

1. Redress the inequities in enrollment, curriculum, programming, and staffing cited in the faculty, student, and alumni petitions.

2. Foster research on anti-racism and reparations.

3. Reexamine the campus disciplinary and public safety system.

4. Realign the University’s investments and naming practices with its mission and anti-racist aspirations.



Eric Plummer ’10, Association of Black Princeton Alumni (ABPA) President

Michele Clark Jenkins ’76, Sr. Director, Consulting Group for Griffin & Strong, P.C.

Celeste Didlick Davis ’78

Mary Luallen ’02

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Bruce E. Puckett ’76

Teresa Redd ’76, Professor of English

Connie Lewin ’05

Sarah Valentine GS ’07

Danielle Helm ’96, Director for Field Strategy and Communications

Tia Blassingame ’93, Professor of Art, Scripps College and Director of Scripps College Press

Isiah C. White ’76, Engineering and Manufacturing Consultant

E. Cook ’13

Destiny Crockett ’17

Valerie Kelly ’84, Attorney

John I. Cook ’76, Author, Motivational Speaker

Joyce Cosby, D.D.S. ’74

Glenn Christy ’76

Sergio Sotolongo ’77

Karen S. Ali ’78

Charles G. Albert ’76, Attorney

Monica Dweck ’76, Oculoplastic Surgeon

Adonis Hoffman ’76, Chairman, Business in the Public Interest, Inc.

Marsha Bonner ’78, Foundation Executive

Donna Sotolongo, Psy.D. ’77, Clinical Psychologist

Yina Moore ’79, YAM Design and Development, Former Mayor of Princeton

Lloyd A. B. Lawrence Jr. ’76, Engineer

Audrey Little ’77

Lionel Jean-Baptiste ’74

Valerie Bell ’77, Attorney

Rahsaan Harris ’95

Geoffrey Seay ’86, Attorney

Alicia Christy ’77, Physician

Joia Crear-Perry ’93, Physician

Carla N Ferreira ’77 

Manuel del Valle ’71

Patricia Irvin ’76 

Randy French ’76

Lisa Haynes ’88

Jerry D. Blakemore ’76, Higher Education Attorney

T. Aaron Satterthwaite, Jr. ’76

A. Bradley Howe ’90, Attorney

James Brown ’09

David Addams ’78, Foundation Executive Director

Gwendolyn Satterthwaite ’78 

Aida Pacheco ’77

Frederick E. Dashiell Sr., Esq., ’76, Dashiell & Associates, P.C.

Audrey Bracey Deegan ’76, Dean 

Steve Dawson ’70

Jeffrey McAllister ’07

Sheila Hopkins ’77

Lenore Joseph Jean-Baptiste ’77

Brandon Holt ’15, Sales Engineer

Evangeline Franklin ’76

Wayne C. Wheeler ’83

Deborah Saint-Phard ’87

John Mavros ’71

Kevin C. Dowdell '83, Managing Director, Dalya Partners

Naila Murray ’07

Dana McKinney ’11, Architect and Urban Planner

Charles Anderson ’83, Physician Entrepreneur

Merrill Davis ’76

Jameil Brown ’16

Mary E. Nelson, Esq. ’77

Akili Buchanan ’76

Jeremy White ’96

Edgar Rios ’74

Evora Thomas ’74, Attorney

David Archer ’90 

Robert Cushnie ’76

Garrett Charity ’05, Attorney

Justin Gerald ’07

Cathleen Stone ’07

Thomas Palmer ’76, Architect

Janice Herbert-Carter ’77, Chair & Professor, Morehouse School of Medicine

Rowland Martin ’79

Margaret Russell ’79

Matthew Charity ’96, Professor of Law

Ivy Thomas McKinney P’11 ’77

Daphne Thomas Jones ’77, Fund Manager & Actuary

Margot Stephenson ’80

Adrien K. Wing ’78, Professor of Law, University of Iowa

Pierre Theodore ’90, Vice President, Johnson and Johnson

Rahman Karriem ’80

Gretchen D. Graves MD, FAAP ’76, Board Certified Pediatrician

Catherine Toppin ’02, Fitch, Even, Tabin & Flannery LLP

Danille Taylor ’74, Professor, African American Africana Women’s Studies

Tonna Gibert ’73

Carolyn Fleming-Williams ’80, Attorney

Sandra Panton-Karriem ’80, Attorney 

Tobi Jegede ’18

Jonca Bull-Humphries ’74, Consultant, Medical Product Development

Lauren Ugorji ’85 

Carla Wilson ’71

Arnell J. Hinkle ’76

Erin Purdie ’15 

Nathan Poland ’20

Victoria Davidjohn ’19 

Beth-Sherri Taylor Akyereko ’85 

John Cardwell, Ph.D. ’68, Social/Personality Psychologists

Heavyn Jennings ’20

Patrice Pitts ’79

Cameron Bell ’16

Celeste Hart ’73, Physician

Eugene Wright ’73, Physician

John Cardwell ’68, Social/Personality Psychologists

Paul Riley ’15

Lisa Rawlings ’85

George Bates ’76, Minister

Kovey Coles ’15

Adi Martinez ’99

Diana C. Vall-llobera ’10, ALPA/Attorney

Michelle Hill ’84

Lisa Gok ’76, Attorney

Rhinold Ponder ’81, Attorney/Artist

Kamil Ali-Jackson ’81, Attorney

Julio Rivera ’76, Artist

Marcia Gonzales-Kimbrough ’75, Attorney (ret.)

Carolyn Upshaw-Royal ’73, Attorney

Sean Poosson ’17

Austin Pruitt ’17

Jade Williams ’18

Cynthia C. Cummings ’75

Herman Taylor ’76

Yvette Bridges ’75

Michael S. Jackson ’79, Attorney

Joanne Howell ’85, Attorney: General Counsel

Heather Rae Martin ’07 

Nilsa Santiago ’78, Association of Latino Princeton Alumni (ALPA)

Danielle Stephenson ’20

Kenya Holland ’18