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USG announces Class Government, U-Council election results

<h6>Photo Credit: Jon Ort / The Daily Princetonian</h6>
Photo Credit: Jon Ort / The Daily Princetonian

In an email sent to students on April 17, the Undergraduate Student Government (USG) announced the results of the spring 2020 election for Class Government and U-Councilors.

The email also announced that the single referendum to “call on Princeton University to limit the widespread printing and distribution of the physical copy of the ‘Rights, Rules, [and] Responsibilities’” passed with 88 percent of voters and 2,055 votes in support.


Ayush Alag ’23, Peter Colvin ’21, Sarah Elkordy ’21, Julia Garaffa ’23, Sahil Jain ’23, Sarah Lee ’22, Allen Liu ’22, Riley Martinez ’23, and Juan Nova ’23 will serve as U-Councilors for the 2020–2021 academic year. 

According to USG President Chitra Parikh ’21 in a past email to The Daily Princetonian, students will have the opportunity to apply and interview for the one vacant U-Councilor position in the coming weeks. 

Alag and Colvin are the only two new U-Councilors for this term.

“I never really thought I would run for USG,” Colvin said. “But I saw things playing out with the coronavirus, and I felt like [the students staying on campus] really needed a voice, someone speaking up for them. That’s what drove me to run this time.” 

Colvin has already assembled a team of several “advisors” of various campus affiliations to offer their perspectives in the coming year. 

“I just want to assure people that USG and I are gonna be here, regardless of what’s going to happen in the fall semester,” Colvin said. “I want to ensure that we’re supporting you and looking at big picture stuff, [but] also just making sure that things are set up for next year so that if things return back to normal, we will be able to get up, carry on, and be good citizens of the world and of Princeton.”


Alag did not respond to a request for comment at the time of publication. 

The 2021 Class Government will include President Emma Parish ’21, Vice President Sanjana Duggirala ’21, Treasurer Kavya Chaturvedi ’21, Social Chair Phoebe Park ’21, and Secretary Arielle Mindel ’21. 

Of the contested candidates, Chaturvedi won with 72 percent of the total votes, beating out competitor Calista Lee ’21 by 311 votes. Park won with 63 percent of the total votes, with 187 votes over Lane Mahoney ’21. 

“I’m thrilled to continue working in Class Government for another year!” Chaturvedi wrote to the ‘Prince’ in an email. “Hopefully we will all be back together on campus next fall, and I’m looking forward to planning events that make our senior year special, given that this year was cut short.”

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“I’m especially enthusiastic about using this time to start planning for 2021’s Commencement, and I’m excited to start working with more of our class on the Commencement Committee soon,” she continued.

Park did not respond to a request for comment at the time of publication.

The 2022 Class Government will include President Santiago Guiran ’22, Vice President Josh Haile ’22, Treasurer Mansi Totwani ’22, Social Chair Debby Park ’22, and Secretary Mariah Crawford ’22. 

Of the contested candidates, Haile beat incumbent Gabe Lebeau ’22 by a mere 41 votes, and Crawford won over Aydan Çelik ’22 by 321 votes. 

Neither Haile nor Crawford responded to a request for comment at the time of publication.

The 2023 Class Government will include President Taryn Sebba ’23, Vice President Fatinah Albeez ’23, Treasurer Melissa Chun ’23, and Secretary Noah Maxwell ’23. 

Of the contested candidates, Sebba gained 67 percent of votes, 273 more than opponent Sophie Singletary ’23.

“I decided to run because I have loved representing our class so incredibly much this year, and I want to continue the work that we were able to do,” Sebba said. “I also have a lot of really exciting ideas for next year.”

Of those ideas, Sebba discussed her soon-to-be-launched grandparent class mentorship program, “soirees after eating club allegiances are made,” tailgates for athletic or performance art events, and professional panels with alumni.  

“A lot of changes happen during sophomore year, and throughout this, I want to make sure that our class is unified,” Sebba said. 

“Now, more than ever, I feel like we need a compassionate and kind leader to unify us all, and I felt as though I would be the best to do that,” she continued. “I am so grateful and overwhelmed to have been elected into this position.”