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Source: Zack Shevin / The Daily Princetonian

The University is asking for suggestions for the renaming of two prominent buildings: Marx Hall and 36 University Place.

Marx Hall, located on Washington Road, currently houses seminar rooms, academic offices, and the University Center for Human Values, while 36 University Place is home to the U-Store and the Center for Career Development.

The University said in an announcement on Wednesday that the new names “should not affect functions inside the spaces.”

However, the University also stated that lower levels of 36 University Place will be undergoing renovations to add an auxiliary visitor center for the Office of Admissions. The center will open in the summer of 2020 and serve students and parents visiting the University.

“As 36 University Place becomes an increasingly important venue for both prospective and current students, I believe we have a timely opportunity to reinforce our commitment to diversity and inclusivity by placing an appropriate name on this building,” President Eisgruber said in a statement.

Marx Hall, built in 1993, was originally named for Louis Marx ’53. According to the Office of Communications, the hall “will be renamed because the donor’s circumstances have changed, making him unable to fulfill his fundraising pledge.”

The buildings were selected for renaming by the Council of the Princeton University Community (CPUC)’s Committee on Naming, a group formed in 2016 to “name buildings or other spaces not already named for historical figures or donors to recognize individuals who would bring a more diverse presence to the campus.”

Previous notable changes include the renaming of West College to Morrison Hall in 2017 in honor of the late Nobel laureate and faculty member Toni Morrison, as well as the naming of the Arthur Lewis Auditorium in honor of Nobel laureate and faculty member Sir Arthur Lewis.

The public can submit name suggestions on the committee website.

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