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Students boogie wit A Boogie at spring Lawnparties

<p>Photo Credit: Harrison Haines / Wikimedia Commons</p>

Photo Credit: Harrison Haines / Wikimedia Commons

Sunday was a dark and stormy Lawnparties. 

On May 5, 2019, The Undergraduate Student Government (USG) social committee hosted 11 acts at seven eating clubs. The Alcohol Initiative also sponsored the event.


At 10 a.m. students began to get wristbands at 1879 Arch and take pictures in the fountain outside of Robertson Hall.

Next, crowds left for the opening acts at the various clubs. A Boogie wit da Hoodie headlined at Quad, with opener IV Jay and student opener Malpractice. Roswell Carter played at Ivy and DJ Relley Rozay played at Cannon. Student DJ Matthew Collins ’21 played at Tiger Inn. Tower brought Evan Giia. Lastly, Beach Fossils, Julian Chang and Deep Green, and Floam played at Terrace.

“Terrace had some really good acts this year, Beach Fossils especially. Nomad's pizza at Campus Club was a great idea, and the rain didn't seem to mess things up as badly as people feared. Overall lawnparties was a success,” Aaron Balleisen ’21 wrote in a Facebook message to the ‘Prince.’ “It's always fun seeing what random NBA jerseys from 2007 people have at the back of their closets.”

Coordinating this effort was the USG Social Committee and its chair, Heavyn Jennings ’20.

Three weeks ago, the social committee began announcing the headline via Vines as hints. After five Vine hints, they posted a picture of A Boogie along with “It's freaking Hoodie SZN. Get Hype🙌🏾🙌” as a caption.

Explaining her choice, Jennings wrote in a comment to a Tiger Confessions post: “I asked people about bringing Soulja Boy and people were upset. People are satisfied when the other eating clubs get throwbacks but I get the vibe that the main act should be someone new.”


Clouds and intermittent showers put a slight damper on the festivities. 

“It was wet, but it’s not their fault,” Julia Ruskin ’22 said. 

With temperatures in the mid-50s throughout the day, some students left early because it was too cold. 

“It was fine, but I enjoyed my three-hour nap afterward more,” said Hannah To ’22.

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Still, others chose to dance in the rain.

“The rainy weather may have kept some people away or caused others to leave early, but it also created a weird sense of camaraderie amongst those who remained on the street,” Charlie Bagin ’21 said. “Especially by the end of the day, [it] created a more chaotic atmosphere.”