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USG approves four new clubs, discusses office hours


Virk recapped her meeting with the Graduate Student Government during Sunday’s senate meeting.

Source: Brad Spicher / USG

The Undergraduate Student Government talked club approvals and USG office hours during its weekly meeting on Sunday, Apr. 7.

U-Councilor Rachel Hazan ’21 introduced to the Senate the following clubs for approval: Food for Thought, Israel TigerTrek, Knitting Club, and Australia Club.


Food for Thought will discuss the history and politics that shape the perception and role of different foods in society today. The club will focus on the cultural origins of particular cuisines.

Israel TigerTrek will travel to Israel to better understand entrepreneurship in the Israeli high-tech sector and to appreciate Israeli history and culture from an entrepreneurial lens.

Knitting Club will teach students how to knit and will create an environment for students to knit together in order to promote prioritization of mental health on campus.

Australia Club will seek to encourage a sense of connectedness among Australian students, spread Australian culture on campus, and build a stronger Australian alumni network.

The Senate decided to approve all four of the clubs.

Additionally, Class of 2022 Senator Andres Larrieu ’22 reported on the effectiveness of a new structure for USG office hours. Starting last Wednesday, Senate members now table in Frist and use a spinning wheel with a list of premade questions and answers about USG’s role on campus in order to draw in passing students.


“[Students] come because of the wheel, because they just want to spin the wheel,” Class of 2022 Senator Jasman Singh ’22 said. “That’s fine with us because they’ll be at the table, they’ll walk away with a fun fact, and they’ll be a little bit more informed about what USG does.”

Singh is a contributing columnist for the ‘Prince.’

Larrieu also stated that he will soon request USG task forces to send representatives to answer student questions at office hours as well.

USG President Zarnab Virk ’20 also talked about meeting with the new Graduate Student Government president and how GSG will be attempting to model USG social activities in the future. 

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USG will have its next meeting on Sunday, Apr. 14.