Wednesday, September 30

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USG discusses alternative polls, new UHS building, community affairs

<p>Photo Credit: Zoya Gauhar ‘22 / The Daily Princetonian</p>

Photo Credit: Zoya Gauhar ‘22 / The Daily Princetonian

The Undergraduate Student Government (USG) discussed an alternative mode of poll taking for elections, spoke with the architects of the new University Health Services (UHS) building about design, and received updates on the Campus Life Strategic plan from Vice President for Campus Life W. Rochelle Calhoun at its weekly meeting on Sunday, March 10. 

IT manager Gregory Blaha, representing the Office of Information Technology (OIT), briefly discussed USG’s transition to an alternate voting platform for elections. According to Blaha, the University has identified the current platform, Helios Voting, as an outdated interface.

Electionrunner, which is already used by the Office of Alumni Affairs, was discussed as a possible replacement and has already passed through the Architecture & Security Review (ASR) vetting process. Use of the new program would allow for multiple groups outside of USG to conduct elections, and pricing is expected to be no more than cost of Helios. 

Approximately 45 minutes were dedicated to the UHS Project team, which spoke to USG about possible interior designs that would be implemented into the new UHS building, which is set to be built near Poe Field and whose first leg of construction is expected to start during spring 2021.

Questions of confidentiality related to mental health and the Sexual Harassment/ Assault Advising, Resources & Education (SHARE) office were of major concern among USG members. Separate entryways, a system of double doors, and integrated waiting rooms were all proposed as ways to solve this issue. Expanding electronic sign-ins was also discussed as a method of ensuring confidentiality. 

Creating an inclusive environment in the new building was also a concern. Having a diverse set of staff members and artwork displayed throughout the building were proposed as solutions. 

Calhoun stated that the initiative towards building a new UHS building is an “exciting moment … [and] really makes us think about where health care is headed.”

Following discussion on the new Health services building, Calhoun discussed new focuses in the Campus Life Strategic Plan, which focuses on serving the “out-of-class experience.”

She outlined the main goals for the future, including “belonging across identity, prioritizing health and well-being, developing students for life of meaning and service, enhancing campus life communications and collaborations, and campus life development and engagement.” 

Members of USG raised questions related to the new focuses, including development towards innovation, and inclusivity during orientation activities, geared towards transfer students and veterans. 

USG then went onto confirm the new Student Group Recognition Committee (SGRC) candidates, Lutfah Subair ’21 and Emma Parish ’21.

The Charters of Campus Affairs Community legislature, a draft of which was introduced last week, was passed by a unanimous vote. Funding was also approved for the Sankofa Fashion Show and Fashion Speaks events. 

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SGRC club approvals also took place. Princeton Saudi Society, Princeton Punchline Podcast, Child’s Play, Princeton Birding Society, Principedia Student Board, Backgammon Club, Princeton Student Climate Initiative, Breast Treatment Task Force, Early Science Research Initiative, Lego Club, and Princeton Auditory Visual Society were all put up for approval. Due to the meeting running over time, final counts that determined approvals are set to take place at a later time. 

USG will have its next meeting on March 24, the first Sunday after spring break.