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Admittance rate to bicker clubs drops by seven

<p>Four percent more of sophomores participated this spring than in spring of 2018.</p>

Four percent more of sophomores participated this spring than in spring of 2018.

With 1,064 sophomore participants — 81 percent of the Class of 2021 — Street Week has come to a close. This year’s participation rate represents a 4 percent increase from last spring’s rate of 77 percent.

The Interclub Council’s data, released exclusively to The Daily Princetonian, does not list statistics from individual selective clubs. That data was provided at the discretion of each individual club or by anonymous sources.

This spring, 837 sophomores, an increase of 84 from last year, bickered selective clubs, according to the ICC. Of those bickerees, 559 sophomores were admitted to selective clubs, yielding an admittance rate of 67 percent. This acceptance rate is 7 percentage points lower than last year’s.

Tiger Inn admitted 84 students — 41 men and 43 women — out of 214 total bickerees, according to TI president Maggie McCallister ’19. This admittance rate of 39 percent is a 6 percent decrease from last spring.

According to RJ Hernandez ’19, president of Cap & Gown Club, 287 students bickered Cap this spring. Of the 287, 99 sophomores and two juniors were admitted, yielding an admittance rate of 35 percent. This represents a 4 percent decrease from last spring.

Tower Club admitted 123 of 224 bickerees, according to Tower president Aliya Somani ’20. This represents an admittance rate of 55 percent. Last spring, 178 students bickered Tower and 70 percent of those students were admitted.

According to a member of Ivy Club, the club admitted 71 new members. That member declined to estimate how many students bickered Ivy Club this spring. Last spring, 209 students bickered.

According to an anonymous source, Cottage Club admitted 88 out of 198 students. Last year, a club member estimated that around 80 of 208 bickerees were admitted to Cottage Club. 

Additionally, Cannon Dial Elm Club admitted 105 of over 200 bickerees, several anonymous sources told the ‘Prince.’

All club members have been granted anonymity, since they are not allowed to discuss club matters.

The presidents of Ivy Club, Cottage Club, and Cannon Dial Elm Club did not respond to requests for comment.

All six selective clubs participated in “double bicker,” as they have since 2017. In this context, double bicker occurs when students apply to two selective clubs. 

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This spring, 523 students bickered two clubs — 101 more students than last year’s double bickerees. 

With the new Street Week process in effect, all participants received a club acceptance either to a selective or sign-in club on the ICC website at 9 a.m. on Friday, Feb. 9. Because of this, all 1,042 sophomores who ranked clubs received an offer on Friday. 

After Street Week, 483 sophomores have been placed into one of the five open clubs — Charter Club, Cloister Inn, Colonial Club, Quadrangle Club, and Terrace Club. Last year, 202 sophomores signed in early to an open club, and 340 sophomores had been placed into an open club at this point.

The number of sophomores who have accepted admission to open clubs is, as of now, unknown. 

As these sophomores’ contracts trickle in, the open clubs will be readjusting their capacities. On Monday, Feb. 11 at noon, the ICC website will reopen to facilitate open club enrollment. Students will be able to claim any vacant spots.