Tuesday, September 22

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Colonial Club closed after water pipe breaks

Courtesy of Wikimedia
Courtesy of Wikimedia

Colonial Club will be closed until the end of Intersession after a broken water pipe caused water damage in part of the building on Tuesday afternoon.

In a statement to The Daily Princetonian, Colonial president Kevin Wu ’20 said that a sprinkler pipe had broken at approximately 3 p.m. that day. Repairs are currently underway, and the club is still slated to be open for Street Week after Intersession.

According to club member Abhiram Karuppur ’19, the break was caused by “continuous freezing temperatures” that took place over the past several days.

Karuppur is a former associate news editor for the ‘Prince.’

While the club is closed, the club “will be hosting a ‘Restaurant Week’” for its members with meals at local restaurants, Wu added. 

Colonial member Woramanot Yomjinda ’19 said he appreciated the officers’ actions and the members’ attitudes in this situation. He noted that the officers helped retrieve members’ belongings after the leak.

“It is nice how even though there was no dinner served at the club, many of our [members] still get together to eat and hang out, as if the club just move[d] with its people rather than being the place itself,” Yomjinda said.