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Forbes Residential College.

By David Veldran

Building Services staff in Forbes College have repeatedly found water bottles filled with human urine in trash cans near the residential college.

Last week, these incidents prompted Olivia Des Chenes Weiner, Director of Student Life for Forbes, to address the issue with students.

On Friday, Oct. 12, Weiner sent an email to Forbes students describing the issue as a “major health and safety concern.”

“While this may have been the result of illness or distress,” wrote Weiner. “It is truly disheartening to consider that a member of our community may perceive this behavior to be acceptable. This behavior creates an environment that is both troublesome and unsanitary for all members of the community.”

The same phenomenon was observed near Henry Hall this past April when it was observed that people were urinating into bottles and throwing the bottles out of windows.

In an April 26 email sent to Henry residents, the department of housing’s Housing Regional Engagement Specialist Kenneth Paulaski wrote, “Not only is this disgusting but it is extremely disrespectful to the Grounds and Building Maintenance staff. Please refrain immediately.”

Felipe Mendoza ’22, who lives in Forbes College, said the incidents send a strong message to University cleaning staff.

“It’s not a good way to show the people that clean Forbes that we appreciate what they do,” he said.

“It was kind of gross but I don’t think it’s a huge deal. People do grosser things all the time, but obviously in an ideal world nobody would be urinating in water jugs,” said Julian Alvarez ’22, another Forbes resident.

Joseph Wolfin ’22, who does not live in Forbes, was hesitant to embrace a potential punishment for these incidents.

“I can appreciate the need for hygiene,” Wolfin said. “But I’m not so sure about punishing whoever is doing this. Who knows what is going on, if it is medical or something, and we should be looking into that.”

In her email Weiner noted that the actions in questions violate Rights, Rules, Responsibilities policies 2.2.1 and 2.2.5 and thus can be met with disciplinary action. The first of these policies codifies dormitory regulations while the latter includes public urination as an instance of disorderly conduct which “disrepect[s] the working and/or living conditions of others.”

Weiner also noted that disciplinary actions would only be taken if these actions continued and that no investigation was already underway.

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