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A Trip Down Princetoween Pasts


With the impending doom of midterms looming over campus, students pile into Firestone and the third floor of Frist, a Small World coffee in one hand and a half-hearted determination to write their papers in the other. At the end of the seemingly never-ending tunnel of psets, however, is one of the best nights of the school year — Princetoween. 

Free from all academic responsibilities, students dress up in a variety of creative and original costumes, from sexy farmer to sexy cop, or perhaps the most unique of them all, a sexy cat. As people gear up for the wild night ahead, a few students look back on their most memorable Princetoween moments. 

For Katherine Miao ’20, Princetoween is an opportunity for her to adopt an alternate persona and “have full flexibility in choosing who I want to be and how I can best portray it.” After scrambling for a costume last minute freshman year, Miao planned her unicorn costume three weeks in advance last year. 

Neha Chauhan '21, Saket Shah '21, Joe Kawalec '21 dressed in onesies for Princetoween last fall.

For fellow junior Nitish Jindal ’20, he and fifteen of his friends planned their sophomore year costume a week in advance, dressing up as the War Boys from the movie Mad Max. Recounting his favorite Princetoween costume, Jindal explains the process of transforming into these pale-faced and barbarous lancers. After donning fake bloody boils, white and black face paint, neck pendants, gloves, masks, and more, the War Boys were a formidable sight as they made their way towards Prospect Street. 

“It was funny to see people’s reactions towards a group of scary, dead-looking, walking bodies covered in white and black paint,” Jindal reminisces. “And to be honest, that was probably one of the most fun nights at Princeton - just dressing up with the boys and enjoying the holiday. When looking back, it took effort to pull off, but was definitely an experience I’d like to relive with my closest friends.” 


“I think the best part about Princetoween is letting go of all responsibilities as a student and readopting the youthful spirit of dressing up and having fun with friends,” Miao explains. When asked about any advice she had for other students when choosing what to dress up as this year, she suggests how “[c]oordinating costumes and coming up with a group-theme from for example, your favorite TV show, or a pop-culture figure is an awesome way to do something people can easily relate to!” 

And for you studious freshmen who find yourselves staring at your closet the night before, Miao offers some sound advice: “If you happen to be in a time crunch, I would first resort to Amazon Prime. They now sell all your basic and most out-there costume necessities.” 

So what are you waiting for? Order that glow-in-the dark catsuit with 4.6 stars and 652 reviews in time for the spookiest night on the Street. 

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