Wednesday, January 20

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Ups and Downs

#1 The Rain

Up: This is the perfect weather to binge-listen to “Mystery of Love” and also shed (many) tears and muse existentially.


Down: Binge-listening to “Mystery of Love” is therapeutic, but also somehow makes everything exponentially worse.

#2 Being the Last One to Leave Firestone Library

Up: Turning around and looking at the moon and the University Chapel and remembering that you are at Princeton and everything is going to be okay (and the warm cookie from Murray-Dodge Café agrees too).

Down: It’s raining. (refer to above)

#3 Late Meal

Up: The comfort of sinking into bright yellow American cheese oozing out of your quesadilla is indisputably one of life’s greater pleasures.


Down: That ONE person passing by you inevitably getting a salad even at late meal … Also, knowing that you’re going to end up spending more time here than at a dining hall — and this was supposed to be a “quick meal because I have so much work.”

#4 Tiger Admirers 2.0

Up: Love exists! This is real! (Also, all the #Eisgruber tags)

Down: Spending WAY too much time agonizing over whether you’re the dark haired beauty at the Architecture School whose laugh and smile are contagious. (I mean, it could be me…)

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#5 Today!

Down: Midterms are here.

Up: Spring break is (almost) here!