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Open Letter to Sophomores

Dearest Sophomores,

We wanted to reach out to you because we know that this is a confusing time full of many different choices. Sophomore spring is arguably the most dynamic and intimidating semester at Princeton. From dining options to majors to residential dorms, you have significantly more options than you previously had, and while it can be exciting, it’s also terrifying. We’ve been there, and we want to offer advice. 


Prior to choosing a major, students are required to take prerequisites, so that their decision is more informed when the time comes. For eating clubs, students have no such “prerequisites.” While sign-in clubs and bicker clubs offer events for sophomores to see their club, this only scratches the surface of the “eating club experience.” Not every night is a pub night, nor a trivia night, nor a party night — rather, much of the eating club experience is simply about being part of a community in a centralized building. So how do you decide? 

Choose a place where you could see yourself spending at least a few hours every week. Choose a place where you enjoy the food — they are called eating clubs! Choose a place you’d be happy to return to during reunions. Choose a place where you feel comfortable. 

Some of you have already made that decision, whether it’s through bickering a club, signing into a club, joining a co-op, or going independent. But for many, the future is uncertain. For those who know very little about eating clubs, we suggest you look at and reach out to officers at eating clubs to become more informed! For those who bickered and got hosed, we urge you to think back to our list. We have five sign-in clubs on campus that will accept you no matter what and that offer the “eating club experience” — a place where you feel comfortable and enjoy spending time, eating, and studying and a community where you will form deep, lifelong bonds with your fellow members. The open clubs may each have slightly different cultures, but they all have a shared culture of inclusivity. 

For all, remember that eating clubs are only one potential aspect of your upperclassmen life. Decisions are scary, but they also lead to exciting changes! 

The ICC website is still open to sign in to a club until Saturday at noon and can be accessed by going to

Good luck with your decision and get excited to be an upperclassman! 



Conor O’Brien ’19, president of Charter Club

Hannah Paynter ’19, president of Cloister Inn

Kimberly Peterson ’19, president of Colonial Club

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Sarah Spergel ’19, president of Quadrangle Club

Liz Yu ’19, president of Terrace Club