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Class of 2022 applicant pool jumps 14 percent

The University received a record number of total applications for the first-year class with 35,386 applicants competing for a spot in the Class of 2022.

This number overshadows the amount of last year’s applications — 31,056 applications — by 14 percent and includes the 5,402 applicants who applied for early admission. For reference, the figure also exceeds the amount of applications to the Class of 2008 (which had only 13,695 applications) by 158 percent.


Dean of Admission Janet Rapelye attributed this increase to the University’s expanded outreach.

“We have certainly done more outreach to students in this country and traveled widely throughout the world to make sure that we are reaching qualified students,” Rapelye said.

She specifically pointed to an increased awareness of the University’s generous financial aid policy, which she said draws more applicants.

“We are working more closely with community-based organizations in cities and national organizations that are working with low-income students,” Rapelye explained.

The University has announced the statistics of the admitted Class of 2022.

According to Rapelye, every demographic group has seen an increase in applications. First-generation applications in particular increased by 16 percent from the previous year.

With the University resuming transfer admissions this year, Rapelye noted that the target freshman class will be smaller than those in previous years to accommodate transfer students. The Class of 2021 had entered with a class of 1,306 students. The University hopes to enroll roughly 1,295 students in the Class of 2022.

“Our challenge is that we only have a certain number of beds on campus,” Rapelye said.

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This will be the first year that the University accepts transfer students since 1990. According to Rapeyle, the University aims to enroll 10 to 12 transfer students. The transfer application date is March 1.

In reinstating transfer admissions, the University hopes to encourage “applications from students from low-income backgrounds, community college students, and U.S. military veterans,” according to the admissions website.

Although there are plans to increase undergraduate enrollment with the addition of new residential colleges, Rapeyle explained that, at the moment, the University cannot plan to enroll as many students as previous years in order to accomodate transfer students.

Last year, the University accepted 1,890 students out of 31,056 applicants in its most selective year yet with only a 6.1 percent acceptance rate.

In December, the University admitted 799 students to the Class of 2022 with a 14.7 percent acceptance rate.

Regular decision applicants will be notified of their decision on March 28.